PHYSIOTIMES have received a very encouraging feedback from professionals across India. Here is what some of our readers have to say about the magazine.

Prof. Umasankar Mohanty
PHYSIOTIMES is an excellent magazine which is gathering talents to share academic skills. I really appreciate the team to take such a lead to publish this magazine.
- Prof. Umasankar Mohanty Founder & Chairman, MTFI, Mangalore
Dr. Mamta Lohia
I read PHYSIOTIMES and it is really worth it...It’s a magazine that actually keeps us updated with all the latest trends and therapy...Am looking forward for the next issue.
- Dr. Mamta Lohia Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr. Arjyo Banerje
I have just one word for PHYSIOTIMES. Superb! It’s really a marvelous effort. Keep going. It’s really great. Thanks a lot for helping this community with such an initiative.
- Dr. Arjyo Banerje Durgapur, West Bengal
Dr. Joji M Jon
Now we physios can proudly say that we too have an intellectual world class magazine which enables to share the views & express our comments.
- Dr. Joji M Jon Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Arvind Yadav
Heartiest Congrats to PHYSIOTIMES for upgrading us with the latest updates about PT Profession. A day will come when PHYSIOTIMES will be the best magazine in the world for Physios.
- Arvind Yadav Physiotherapist, Indian Archery Team, SAI
Manjul Nautiyal
I like the way PHYSIOTIMES is giving us knowledge to cope up with recent developments & taking physiotherapy to a great height.
- Manjul Nautiyal Dehradun, Uttranchal
Dr. Jitendra Sharma,
I am extremely happy to receive a copy of PHYSIOTIMES. I sincerely appreciate the efforts that the editorial team has made.
- Dr. Jitendra Sharma, Principal, D.A.V. Institute of PT & R, Jalandhar
Dr S. Arora, Jaipur
Congratulation for the huge success of PHYSIOTIMES. It is a wonderful initiative.
- Dr S. Arora, Jaipur
Dr Atul Kalia
It’s wonderful experience. I want to congratulate all PHYSIOTIMES team. It’s very great achievement by Indian physioworld.
- Dr Atul Kalia Jodhpur
Dr. Saurabh Chhabra
I am very happy to say that you have taken a very good initiative in the field of physiotherapy. I and all the physiotherapy community from Haryana is thankful to you for this.
- Dr. Saurabh Chhabra PT, Sirsa, Haryana
Dr. Amrinderjit Singh, Jalandhar
It’s a really very good step towards creating awareness about the Physiotherapy field by publishing the magazine PHYSIOTIMES as it is the utmost need of the hour...
- Dr. Amrinderjit Singh, Jalandhar
Dr. D. Thiagarajan
I have received the informative journal which your team dedicates to the physiotherapy field. I feel happy to say that your journal creates academic thirst and enthusiasm among students & professionals.
- Dr. D. Thiagarajan Principal/HOD - Santosh college of Physiotherapy, Ghaziabad
Dr. Neha Singhal
I can see the future of this magazine. The day will come when all the physiotherapist of India will have copy of Physio Times in their hand and they will be proud to be a part of it because this is a magazine by the physiotherapists, for physiotherapist, of the physiotherapists.
- Dr. Neha Singhal MPT Cardiorespiratory, New Delhi
Dr. Shujaat Haider Jafari
First of all I want to say congratulations and thanks to all of your team who did their job for this fabulous magazine in a proper and responsible manner. I have heard that ‘sky is the limit’ but for PHYSIOTIMES, I can say with proud, “Sky is the beginning”.
- Dr. Shujaat Haider Jafari PT, Principal - School of Physiotherapy, Sitapur U.P. H.O.D. & Consultant- Stimulus Physiotherapy centre
Dr.Balraj Singh, Amritsar
This is an excellent effort from PHYSIOTIMES team to start a magazine like this. I think it will prove to be a milestone in physiotherapy profession. The articles and the information provided in the issues released till now is worth knowledge enhancing of.
- Dr.Balraj Singh, Amritsar
Dr Pinki Bhasin
I found the magazine really informative. It shows all the hard work and effort your team has put into it. Thanks for doing so much for the physio family.
- Dr Pinki Bhasin MPT, Meerut
Dr. Neeraj Sachdeva, Bikaner
It’s good to see a great initiative in the field of physiotherapy. This will greatly help all physios to make the field stronger and more communicable. Good luck.
- Dr. Neeraj Sachdeva, Bikaner
Dr. Vipul Tiwari, New Delhi
The concet is too excellent to keep all the therapists under one roof in order to increase their knowledge and skills.
- Dr. Vipul Tiwari, New Delhi
Dr. Vikas Kushwaha
Hats off to you people for providing such a wonderful n informative magazine to the physio community. Your effort would be remembered in the field of physiotherapy in India.
- Dr. Vikas Kushwaha Sri Balaji physiotherapy & rehab. Centre, Beniganj Allahabad.(U.P.)
Tamilnadu Physiotherapist Association (TAPWA)
PHYSIOTIMES is the best magazine for PTs.
- Tamilnadu Physiotherapist Association (TAPWA) Chidambaram
Tamizh Maran, Pudhucherry
Congratulations for the pioneering effort in Physiotherapy Magazine…
- Tamizh Maran, Pudhucherry
I am amazed by the standard of the magazine, hats off to your team, keep your good work.
Dr. Akshi Shah
“PHYSIO TIMES” is a boon for physiotherapists. The facts & data which have been shown are very interesting, enlightening and have enhanced knowledge. Especially when I’m pursuing MBA it is really crucial for me to be updated with latest happenings in physio world and it really helps me a lot. Desperately waiting for the upcoming issue as it has really been a worth reading experience for me. Thanks a ton!
- Dr. Akshi Shah Physiotherapist (BPT), Ahmedabad
Mr. Narendra Patel
We congratulate you for bringing such first publication in the field of physiotherapy. This will go a long way in keeping the professionals in this field of medical services up to date with latest technological development over the globe.
- Mr. Narendra Patel Trustee, The Charitable Trust of the Rotary Club of Kankaria, Ahmedabad
Camy Bhagat
You have done a great job by launching PHYSIOTIMES magazine.
- Camy Bhagat Surat
Dr. Surendra Kumar
I want to say congrats to PHYSIOTIMES. It will be very helpful in the field of physiotherapy.
- Dr. Surendra Kumar Raipur
Dr. Vyoma Buch
PHYSIOTIMES has given a new horizon to explore, expand and experience physiotherapy.
- Dr. Vyoma Buch Ahmedabad
Vinita Gupta
PHYSIOTIMES is a huge winning in the physio world. Everything is excellent in it and I think it will rock. A very big thanks 2 you n all your team…
- Vinita Gupta Indore
Dr. Tejashwini Kumar Verma
Warm wishes to all team for launching 'PHYSIOTIMES', a glory in the field of physiotherapy...
- Dr. Tejashwini Kumar Verma Bilaspur
Dr. Minhaj Ul Islam
One which is like 22 carat gold, One which is quite beautiful and bold, One which has got looks so captivating, One which is full of articles worth reading, One which is unmatched, class apart, One which is run by the team so smart, One which is a boon for the physios, I admit One which believes in-SKY IS THE LIMIT...
- Dr. Minhaj Ul Islam Bhagalpur, Bihar
Somnath Maity
I am very happy to say that PHYSIOITMES is very essential for every physiotherapist.
- Somnath Maity Kolkata



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