An Interview with Splendid SHAKSHI MALIK & her tryst with physiotherapy

Success is not final, failure is not fatal:  it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was so right when he made such a profound statement with regard to success. Don’t we all say that success is not a destination but a journey in itself? However, it is an arduous journey full of challenges, roadblocks, obstacles and what not. But then, nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance, without someone going the extra mile, without someone defying the odds to excel and be the best. It is this monomaniacal focus that opens doors of multiple possibilities.

In this issue, we introduce to you one such gritty woman, whose dedication, determination and passion made her create history and bring laurels for the entire nation. It gives us immense pleasure to present an exclusive interview with one of the poster girls of Indian Olympics in Rio, Sakshi Malik, the only female wrestler to have ever won a medal at the Olympics. Her feat is truly extraordinary, notwithstanding the struggle she had to undergo in this exhilarating journey from Rohtak to Rio. The interview focuses on the role of physiotherapy in her career and how the contribution of a physio matters during tournament as well as while training in the prevention and management of injuries in a high contact sport like wrestling. It is heartening to note that Sakshi has emphatically stated how crucial physios are to them in their sport. We thank Sakshi for her encouraging remarks about physiotherapists. Apart from various scholarly articles, the issue features coverage of a nation-wide series of seminars. on Marketing in Physiotherapy initiated by PHYSIOTIMES in various cities under the title “Marketing Mantra”.  The seminar is intended to horn the marketing and management skills of physio’s so that they can better manage their practice. The issue has also covered stories of the World Physiotherapy Day celebrations across India on Sept 8, 2016. Own your game. Honor your genius. Celebrate your gains. And be kind. Always.Allow your trials to become your triumphs. Make your falls into your freedoms. And your hurts into heroic masterpieces that inspire all watchers.

COVER FEATURE: An Interview With The Splendid wrestler & her Tryst With Physiotherapy - SAKSHI MALIK

18th August 2016. A billion hearts were pounding. A pair of billion eyes watching. With seconds left on the clock, this tenacious wrestler from Haryana summoned an extra reserve of strength from deep within her to fight back from 0-5 down to seal the bout 8-5 in her favor & produce India’s first medal at Rio 2016 Olympics.

Sakshi Malik, a name that would go down in the annals of Indian sporting as the first woman wrestler from India to bag an Olympic medal and only fourth ... Read More

AVANT GARDE: An Introduction to KKMT:A New School Of Thought in Manual Therapy - DR.KRISHNA.N.SHARMA

Manual Therapy is made up of two words- Manual and Therapy. The late Middle English term manual came from Old French word Manuel, from Latin word manualis (hand), from another Latin word manus (hand). The English term therapy came in the mid-19th century from Modern Latin word therapia, from Greek word therapeia (healing), from another Greek word therapeuein (treat medically). So technically, manual therapy is any treatment done purely with the hands.

The very first documented recor... Read More

OUTLOOK: Smoking Cessation-What Physios can do to help them quit? - DR.PALAK SHAH, PT

Cigarette smoking is the single biggest avoidable cause of death & disability in developed countries. Smoking is now increasing rapidly throughout the developing countries & is one of the biggest threats to current & future world health. For smokers, quitting smoking is the most important thing they can do to improve their health. Encouraging smoking cessation is one of the most effective & cost effective things that Physiotherapists can do to improve health & prolong thei... Read More

STRAIGHT FROM THE GUT: PT Registration in Australia-Experiences of An Indian physio - PINAKIN GODSE

Everyone has a journey of their own. Similarly, I am about to share my journey through the Australian Physiotherapy Council’s (APC) process in order to get General Physiotherapy Registration in Australia. “Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination” This has been true in my case.

The first step of my journey with the APC began in July 2014 by applying for the interim certificate. Following that I successfully passed my second step ... Read More

FEATURE ARTICLE: Adrenal Fatigue - Are we really listening to our bodies? - DIANA PINTO

Stress seems to be the root cause of all evil these days. Whether you have Diabetes, Weight gain, Blood pressure or Depression – every specialist’s advice to you will be to first decrease your stress levels. If stress isn’t a measurable quantity, how can one sufficiently get rid of it? How do we measure Stress and how do we decrease it? The first step to treating Stress is telling a patient to “listen” to what their bodies are telling them. Our bodies are talking... Read More

QUINTESSENTIAL: Costing in Physiotherapy- The Fundamental Principles - DR.GANESH CHANDRAN

Cost in very simple terms can be defined as the amount which has to be paid to obtain something. It can be considered as the summation of monetary value of time and effort invested, materials and resources consumed, risks incurred and opportunities foregone to obtain something. But then what is price? Many people fail to appreciate the subtle distinction between cost and price. Price is also the monetary value to obtain some product or some service. Whereas cost is the term used from producer... Read More

REPORTAGE: Marketing Mantra - A nationwide series of awareness seminar for physios on marketing in physiotherapy - Special Report

Marketing mantra seminar held in Rajkot at R.K.University on 25th Sept, 2016 Our mission: To help Physiotherapists of India combine their clinical skills with marketing acumen to create their own space & practice with dignity in this ever evolving world of private health practice

Who Can Attend: Any one right from the 1st year to 4th Year BPT Students, Interns, MPTs, and Practicing Physios, Private Practitioners, Clinicians, Academicians, Faculti... Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Selfie elbow- Yet Another tech induced ailment - JASRAH JAVED

‘CLICKING ELBOW’ or commonly called as ‘SELFIE ELBOW’, is a modern tech-induced ailment which is affecting a lot of selfie lovers these days. People like me and you, who do not have any sports background or record of being indulged in a sport like tennis or golf which requires repeated use of extended arm and repetitive jerk on the elbow are having problems which resembles the symptoms of the same. Each time you click a picture, you put yourself in a position where you... Read More

THEY SAID IT: Sept-8, 2016-World Physiotherapy Day Celebration Across India - World Physiotherapy Day

APPTA celebrates with Orphan Children

AAPTA (Andhra Pradesh Physical Therapists Association) would like to share the World PT day event which we have done at New Capital Amaravathi Region. On that day we have arranged Health screening to "CHIGURU" Orphanage children, with a team of Physiotherapists, Pediatricians and Dentists, examined all the children and provided the necessary medical care. We have ended the program by providing lunch to the children.

Read More

BOOK REVIEW: Sociology for physiotherapy - PurnimaKhanna

Being Healthy is not simply ‘absence of disease’- It is also important to be mentally healthy, have positive relationships and fulfill the social roles and functions in society.This book discusses the social and cultural factors which impact health, the importance of healthy socialization and the role of family and other agencies in health of an individual.The book further throws light on the various social problems plaguing our society and their impact on health of individual and... Read More

ADVOCACY: Health Days - An Opportunity For professional advocacy – ADVOCACY

As Physiotherapists, we all celebrate 8th Sept as the world physiotherapy day every year and raise awareness about the profession. However there are many ‘health days’ to promote important public health issues.These days also provide us an opportunity to promote the role of physiotherapy in varied conditions. At PHYSIOTIMES, we have taken the first step by creating awareness posters and sharing them on social media& circulating it among our members on various health... Read More

BEST OF WEB: Websites on Osteoporosis - WEB ADVISOR

In this section we bring you interesting websites of clinical & academic relevance to physiotherapists. The international osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) The national Osteoporosis Foundation

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