An Interview with Zaheer Khan - Legendary Cricketer on his passion for fitness

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It is about being better than you used to be.

Diwali is round the corner and as you are reading this issue, perhaps you would be basking in the glory of the festival of lights. So I begin by wishing you & your family a very happy and joyous Diwali 2015 and the festive season. Stay safe, stay healthy. As physiotherapists, fitness and sports are integral part of our practice. Be it the right exercises and workouts, sports performance or injury management, physios are the sought after professionals in this arena. Rightly so, this special issue highlights the role of physiotherapists in fitness and sports through a series of articles from experts across the globe. Cricket in India is a religion and Zaheer Khan is a name that needs no introduction to cricket frenzy fans across the nation. This issue brings an exclusive interview with Zaheer where he candidly admits the importance of physiotherapy in his career and his readiness to partner with experts & promote health and fitness to all through his venture ProSport.

This issue features some of the latest workout techniques and buzz words in the fitness industry such as Piloxing, Masala Bhangra, willPower Method, T3 Workouts and what makes them exceptional and unique compared to the traditional workouts. Jonathan Ross points out five exercises trainers should never do as they violate fundamental principles, Greg Stellar explores the power of the mobile mind when it comes to keeping fit. With so many marathons happening off late in India, Dr. Aalap Shah writes about the impact of the running speed on the knee joint and presents various arguments on slow v/s fast running from the world literature. Dr. Emily Splichal, the Celebrity Podiatrist from USA talks about small nerve stimulation, the future of proprioceptive training. Kimberly Shah, the seven time participant of the Ironman Triathlon Competition, talks why ATP IFC 2015 is a right platform to empower & educate health & fitness professionals & make India Fit & healthy. As the World Physiotherapy Day was celebrated with much fanfare across the country on Sept, 8th 2015, we have presented the celebrations stories sent by our readers.

This issue is special because of the contribution from global experts and interestingly all of them would be right here in India from 11th to 13th Dec’2015 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat as “Presenters” at ATP International Fitness and Sports Convention. It would a golden opportunity & a prudent investment for anyone working in sports and fitness this most coveted event with over 36 faculties of international repute all under one roof and learn from the masters themselves about the most contemporary techniques in this arena. PHYSIOTIMES is the media partner. We thank all the authors for their contribution and express a deep sense of gratitude to Dr.Aalap shah, Dr.Disha Shah, Mr.Dipesh sheth, Ms.Komal chopra and team ATP IFC 2015 for helping us put together this issue by coordinating with all the authors and experts on our behalf. To sum up, I would say that remaining fit and healthy is a responsibility of every individual and more so as professionals working in this field, it becomes imperative that we learn the latest trends prevailing world over so as to pass on the benefits to our clients and contribute in making India a nation of fit and healthy citizens.

COVER FEATURE: An Interview with one of India's most successful pace bowler - ZAHEER KHAN

The man who has been at the mainstay of Indian Pace Attack for over a decade & is undoubtedly one of the best seam bowlers Indian crickets has witnessed, Zaheer Khan. Zaheer played a crucial role in India’s success in the previous decade and was instrumental in India’s World Cup triumph in 2011 with 21 wickets in the tournament.

Being on the national cricketing scene ever since he made his ODI debut against Kenya in October 2000, the 15 year long journey has been exe... Read More

MASTER SPEAKS: Group Exercise-Creating the ultimate experience - STACEY LEI KRAUSS

Most fitness professionals will admit that group exercise is the the heartbeat of a facility. It's the space in the club where a unique environment is created, and our clients stay committed to each other for an entire hour.  Once a student falls in love with a particular format or instructor, she may be committed to that class for years.

So then, what’s the TRUE responsibility of a Group Exercise (GX) instructor? From the student’s perspective, the GX instructo... Read More

EXPERT OPINION: 5 EXERCISES trainers should never do-An expert's opinion - JONATHAN ROSS

No matter how many years I spend in fitness, I still see new and surprising things happening in people’s workouts. Some are great new additions, because the ways humans can safely and successfully move is highly varied and what is “correct” is broader than we previously thought. However, almost every day you will see things at the opposite end of the spectrum. These are exercises that fall into the “just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should” categ... Read More

MIND MATTERS: Mobility for the mind:Legends, Lenders, And Likers& Losers Which one Is you? - GREG STELLAR

In fitness, we talk about having mobility - being able to move our joints and body through different ranges of motion to suit everyday activity. If you concentrate too much on one aspect of fitness, like developing strength or endurance, typically you’ll limit the mobility you have around a joint, meaning you’ll be able to move less freely and the muscles become less responsive. It’s the same in your mind - if you repeatedly reinforce unhelpful thinking, you strengthen the b... Read More

STRAIGHT FROM THE GUT: Masala Bhangra: The High energy, Indian dance workout - SARINA JAIN

New York City! -The high energy, Indian dance workout, known as Masala Bhangra   is sweeping the nation, but has more solemn roots. It's that same drive that inspired Sarina Jain to create the workout, after losing her father to a massive heart attack at the age of 47.

 "I created Masala Bhangra for two reasons," said Sarina Jain, better known as the Jane Fonda of India, "To bring the Indian culture into the fitness industry and to make my father pr... Read More

FITNESS FUNDA: Train, Track and transform-T3 Workout for Enhanced Health & Fitness - RICHARD SCRIVENER

Self-reflection is a very worthwhile activity in many realms of life, not least when it comes to our health. “According to the World Health Organization’s most recent Global Health Risks data (2004) after high blood pressure, tobacco use and high blood glucose, physical inactivity constitutes the 4th leading cause of death globally with about 3.3 million attributable deaths per year.” Physical fitness is but one component of health which is likely to extend our life span, pr... Read More

REVIEW ARTICLE: Effect of running speed on the knee joint-slow vs. Fast - DR. ALAP SHAH

Hundreds of Marathons are organized in India every year and its increasing popularity amongst recreational athletes day by day, highlights the need for a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to running-related injuries and making people aware about the effects of running. Generally it’s a popular belief that Fast Running is more harmful to the knees compared to Slow Running. Let’s discuss how the speed of running affects the knee joint loading!

Joint moments ca... Read More

VIEWPOINT: ATP IFC 2015:Making India fit & healthy - KIMBERLY SHAH

The human body; it is the single most intricately designed machines known to man.  It is complex, adaptable, flexible and strong, and we all have one.  It is quite a remarkable piece of machinery.  Long before modern transportation our legs were used as our means to get us from point A to B.  If they were hurt or not working, the likelihood we dying were high.  Therefore, caring for your body, feeding it, moving it was essential to survival. 

Fast forwa... Read More

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Small nerve stimulation: The future of proprioceptive training - DR. EMILY SPLICHAL

When you hear the words “proprioceptive training” what comes to mind? If you do a Google image search for these two words you will get hundreds of pictures demonstrating balance exercises on unstable surfaces.   Despite the popularity of these unstable surfaces how effective are they for improving balance or proprioception? Surprisingly, not as good as their manufacturers would like us to believe. In this article I challenge you to question the effectiveness of ... Read More

SNAPSHOT: Piloxing: The next level of fitness - EDITORIAL TEAM

PILOXING® comes to India!- The international fitness brand PILOXING® will be making its debut in India at the 1st ATP International Fitness & Sports Conference in December. Since 2007, PILOXING® has been striving to mentally and physically empower people through their fitness programs. Let’s take a closer look at this brand and what you can expect from them as they make their introduction into India.

What is PILOXING®?- PILOXING® is a fitness exercise p... Read More

THEY SAID IT: 8th Sept2015: World PT Day Celebration- Stories from across India - NEWSPAPER ARTICALS

01) A Newspaper Article on Physiotherapy- I wrote an article that appeared in the daily newspaper all over Tamil Nadu in Tamil Language and also as e-paper worldwide. I wrote about what is physiotherapy and how it can help public with pain paralysis, what all are the areas/fields where physiotherapists work. The title of the article was "Physiotherapy can cure pain permanently” We also gave speech to the patients of our OPD and asked their experience and their opinion about physiot... Read More




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