An Interview with Ketan Bhatikar - Emerging face of new age Indian physio

Napoleon Bonaparte has said, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” Be it men’s climbing the Mount Everest...Be it men’s reaching on the Moon...Be it men’s flying in the air...It all looked impossible to the world…But a few strong-willed individuals made it possible…It was their unwavering commitment to their goal, it was their desire to succeed against all odds and above all, their self belief that made it possible. Physiotherapy in India is replete with young talent going the extra mile to make their mark. At PHYSIOTIMES, we bring to you the stories of such young and dynamic physios who are doing their best for the growth and progress of the profession with a never say die spirit and for whom impossible means I’ M POSSIBLE. This issue features an interview with Dr. Ketan Bhatikar, PT, a versatile young physio from Goa, who wants to make a positive difference by doing all it takes to address issues of grave concern to the field of physiotherapy in India.

Yet again, the issue is full with diverse topics covering various facets of physiotherapy practice emphasizing its role in sports, cardio, neuro, pediatric and women health physiotherapy.  The issue contains second article of the series  “Creative Corner” and “Treatment Adherence” that we had initiated from the last issue onwards along with the regular column “Marketing Mantra”. I am happy to share that the response to the “Story Writing Competition” we had announced in the last issue has been overwhelming. We thank all those who have participated and congratulate the winners. In case you could not participate, you can do it now as this issue also has a similar contest with exciting prizes to be won. The “Word Maze” too provides you with an opportunity to challenge your mind and win yourself a prize. Last but not the least, we have published the stories of “World Physiotherapy Day” celebrated across the country. 

CASE REPORT: Assessment of Gait And Balance For Rehabilitation Following Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury - DR. POONAM BOTADARA

Background: “Traumatic Brain Injury is a leading cause of death and disability for adolescents and young adults. “The sequel of severe TBI includes motor, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional dysfunction. Independent gait is often a major goal of rehabilitation after moderate to severe TBI”

Read More

PHYSIO SPEAKS: An Interview with the Emerging Face Of The New Age Indian Physio - KETAN BHATIKAR

Physiotherapy in India is growing as a profession and so are the physiotherapists of this country. The young brigade of physios is geared up to defy the norms, subvert the paradigm, challenge the equilibrium & question the status quo. They have the vision to view things differently, the might to make their mark, the obsession to overcome every obstacle, the vigour to win every contest and the power to change the world with their ideas, intentions and actions. In some ways, Ketan Bhatikar,... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Development Coordination Disorder-What Pts Need To Know - PRIYA PATEL & DR. CARL GABBARD

John is a 10 year old boy facing difficulty with fine- and gross motor skills. As a result he lags behind his peers, who already mastered these skills 2-3 years earlier. John has problems with daily living skills such as getting dressed, tying shoelaces, washing hair. He has not mastered riding a bicycle, and has problems participating in team sports. This has led to low self- esteem and feelings of shyness. He is secluding himself from society. At a parent’s interview,... Read More

FEATURE ARTICLE: Treatment Adherence- Outcome Measures In Physiotherapy - DR. TANZILA A POTIA

In this 2 part series on Adherence, we have already discussed the basic concept of adherence, the rates of adherence within physiotherapy, factors associated with it and its clinical implications. In this article we shall discuss measurement of health outcomes in a clinical setting and more specifically regarding adherence outcome measures within physiotherapy.

WHAT ARE HEALTH OUTCOME MEASURES? With the rising costs of healthcare throughout the world, physiothe... Read More

CREATIVE CORNER: The Creative Physiotherapist - MATTHEW TAYLOR

Welcome to the second entry in this new column. If you missed last month’s initial column, go online and get caught up. If you did read it, how did the two exercises go this month? I left you with two assignments, the first just noticing and asking, “How did that happen?” whenever something novel occurred or a situation was resolved that required creativity. The other task was to reflect on a time you did something creative and analyze what happened, why and how. If you didn... Read More

MARKETING MANTRA: Creating A Magnetic Marketing Message - ERIKA TRIMBLE

Now it is time to show you how to create a magnetic marketing message—magnetic because it will attract the right people to your practice. This six step process will teach you what needs to be contained in a magnetic message. It also gives you the experience in creating one so that you come out of this with at least the beginning of a great message.

Use education-based marketing- Another marketing message for professional services is use of education-based marketing. Write info... Read More

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Cardiac Rehabilitation: An Overview - VISHWAJEET TRIVEDI

Cardiac Rehabilitation Philosophy- We the physiotherapist, believe that patients are the individuals with the right to receive appropriate evidence based cardiac rehabilitation to meet their needs.  It should be personal and responsive to the patient as a person, demonstrating respect for their individuality and uniqueness. The patient has a right to knowledge and understanding of their condition; to enable them to make realistic choices, and to be given support, help and information so ... Read More

WOMEN HEALTH: Preparing For A Normal Delivery: Physothreapy Perspective - DR. SMRUTI SWAGTIKA DAS

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a girl’s life and labour the most fearful event. Both of which goes together. The normal delivery is again the greatest hope and pleasure for family members, which is quite normal and natural. Proper education, awareness and antenatal care is of utmost importance in pregnancy. Technically speaking a CAESARIAN SECTION (C-SECTION / CS) is a surgical procedure to ensure safe childbirth per abdomen when a vaginal delivery is not possible or a vaginal... Read More

BOOK REVIEW: Manual of Mulligan Concept - Dr.Deepak Kumar & Brian.R.Mulligan

A long awaited book by an expert duo, one being the inventor and the other being a master practitioner and teacher of the mulligan concept is finally launched. The book has been written for physiotherapists who practice manual therapy, and for those clinicians who are keen on getting an insight into the mulligan concept.

This book features descriptions of all the techniques in the mulligan concept with detailed set of illustrations in a sequential manner. Emphasis has been laid on t... Read More




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