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With this edition, we are hereby coming to the end of a fantastic Year. Fantastic in terms of knowledge sharing with life coming back to normal, the year has been a sign of relief after Covid. 

In this Edition, we are proudly bringing interesting Articles ‘ERGONOMIC WORKSITE ANALYSIS: The Critical Link in Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Work’, ‘’ INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY : The Emergence of A New Era With A Holistic Approach’,  ‘ Effectiveness of  ELTGOL Technique in Airway Clearance in Obstructive Respiratory Conditions’, ‘Neuro Dynamics’, ‘ A PSEUDO-OSTEOARTHRITIS WITH FUNCTIONAL SCOLIOSIS CORRECTED BY LISTING EXERCISES –  A CASE REPORT’ and ‘Exploring is Growing.’

In this Edition’s Cover Story, we are happy to talk to PRITAM SIWACH, a Hockey Magician, former Captain and Coach, Arjuna and Dronacharya Awardee and hear her Chak-de Story of fighting against all odds to achieve her dream and also teaching more girls to dream big.

PHYSIOTIMES believes in keeping oneself updated with best in professional knowledge and has started a series of webinars. The first one, being on Osteopathy, Let’s Unwind the Concepts. Also, PHYSIOTIMES is proud to be Media Partners with prestigious Conferences and events, Udghosh 2022, Neuraxis 2022, Yuva, to name some.

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Interview With PRITAM SIWACH by Anubha Singhai (PT)

1. How did you develop your interest in Hockey?

I started playing Hockey from School days. There were a lot of games offered at our School, but always was inclined towards Hockey only. When I first went to my School PT Teacher, he refused to give me Hockey stick, saying that I’m overweight, so won’t be able to play. At home, I told this to my grandmother, who took steps to assure that I also be a part of the Hockey team in School. This is how my interest... Read More

ERGONOMIC WORKSITE ANALYSIS: The Critical Link in Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Work by Alison Heller-Ono PT

The complexities of managing a workers' compensation case has turned into the ultimate challenge for all those involved in disability management. Federal and state labor laws, civil rights laws, health and safety regulations, medical privacy, opioid use and current workers' compensation reform issues make resolution of these cases difficult and trying for everyone.

Finding a method to resolve a case quickly, effectively and fairly with consideration to both the employer and ... Read More

Exploring is Growing by Dr. Vivek H. Ramanandi

Human brain consists of 86 billion neurons as building blocks of a complex and dynamically evolving network of more than 0.2 quadrillion connections. The brain is a dynamic system, which consistently alters its own circuitry to match the demands of the environment and the capabilities of the body. Nature has followed an unconventional approach while designing human brain.

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Effectiveness ELTGOL Technique in Airway clearance in Obstructive Respiratory Conditions by Dr Akshata Ashok Dhuri-(PT)

The mucociliary system of the lung is responsible for the normal transport of mucus in the airways. This system protects the airway by trapping and removing a wide variety of inhalable substances, including dust, chemical vapours and microbes. On the other hand, abnormalities in ciliary function that significantly increase mucus production can cripple this system and further lead to infection. Airway clearance techniques and Pulmonary Rehabilitation are used to facilitate mucociliary clearanc... Read More

Neuro Dynamics by Dr Margi Pandya (PT)

It simply means a change in plasticity of nervous system which could have been disrupted due to trauma or neuromuscular dysfunction. The technique by which the nerve is  mobilized/moved is called as Neural /Nerve Mobilization 

Read More

INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY The Emergence of A New Era With A Holistic Approach by Dr L Nivedita Selvakumar (PT)

In the world that trusts medications, needles, and knives, we physiotherapists heal patients only with our hands. Through the darkest phases of recovery, Physiotherapy provides a holistic approach, treating the bottom of the iceberg and not just the tip. In the next decade, Integrative physiotherapy will have the best phase as people will prefer the most organic way of getting cured.

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A Pseudo-Osteoarthritis With Functional Scoliosis Corrected By Listing Exercises – A Case Report by Dr.Bodhisattva Dass

A 55-year female, headmistress by occupation who stands for at least 4 to 5 hours  came with the complaint of knee pain due an accident. On subjective examination pain was found to be 3 on NPRS while activity, which aggrevated by ascending stairs and was relieved at rest.

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