In Conversation with Chirag & Satwik : The Awesome Duo

Editorial NOV'20


Dear Readers

Firstly, wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 

This is a very special issue as it’s the last issue of a completely different year that has changed many things. From Adjusting to a new NORMAL to realizing the power of a close-knit support system, without a doubt, this difficult TIME has made us wiser.

I am delighted to share with you all that this issue highlights the ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY IN COVID patients as we have received a huge collection of real life experiences of working in these difficult times and staying strong.

PHYSIOTHERAPY  is an integral part of all recoveries, post- COVID recovery not being an exception. While celebrating the festival of lights, this issues throws light on all these aspects as well.

We are grateful to CHIRAG SHETTY & SATWIK, the ace Badminton duo, for sharing their experiences and appreciating Physiotherapy as being a solid support in their career. We owe thanks to their dynamic Physio. JOHNSON SOLOMON for being an important part of their magical journey.

With an extended PHYSIOTIMES family of 27K on social media platforms, we are thankful to each and every Physio who wishes to expand his knowledge and keeps growing. 
Last but not the least, I would like to thank the huge response we are getting from the authors to bring up the best content always.

An occasion to celebrate victory over evil, light over darkness, awareness over ignorance,  an occasion to 
celebrate life!!!

In Conversation with Chirag & Satwik : The Awesome Duo

Chirag and Satwik

The first Indian men’s doubles pair to break into the top 10 of the world rankings.

Satwik and Chirag are the first Indian men’s doubles pair to break into the top 10 of the world rankings. And this, for them, is just the start.

They had a breakthrough season as they claimed their maiden Super 500 title at Thailand Open and finished runners-up at the French Open Super 750 to grab a career-best r... Read More

Dear Interns by Dr. Sara Ansari (PT)

I am here to welcome you to intensive units, wards, and OPDs.

welcome to the bridge which will transform you enough to carve you into a good clinician. I am here to introduce you to the battlefield where you fight with miseries over health and fitness. From now on, you will be restless, sleepless and will procrastinate less. From now on, you will work more, response more and dedicate more. Here you, pledge... Read More

Case study on physiotherapy interventions for Joubert syndrome by Dr. Shefali Sharma (PT)

It is a disorder of brain development which was identified in 1969 by Pediatric Neurologist Marie Joubert .

It is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder which means two copies of an abnormal gene must be present for the disease or trait to develop, that affects the cerebellum ( which controls balance and coordination ) so there is either the absence of cerebellar vermis or under developed cerebellar vermis ( cerebellar vermis hypolasia) .Jouberts is known to affect 1 in 80,000 ... Read More

COVID-19 Fatigue from a cardiopulmonary physiotherapist perspective by Dr. Megha Nataraj (PT)

Fatigue has been commonly perceived as a state of exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, weariness, and complete burnout. Chronic levels of fatigue have been observed in a multitude of medical conditions that have a debilitating effect on an individual’s overall health. Fatigue is medically defined as a physical and/or mental weariness resulting from exertion causing the inability to continue exercise at the same intensity with a resultant deterioration in performance.

Read More

Rehabilitation for patients with Hand transplantation by Dr.Manali shah (PT) and Dr.Ruchi Desai (PT)

Since 1998, after the first successful hand transplant, poor quality of life and dependency are no longer a curse for those who have lost one or both hands/arms. According to reports from year 2017 over the last two decades, 113 vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) of the hand have been performed in 76 patients globally with the longest surviving hand transplant being 18 years now. 

Read More

Physiotherapist as a messiah in Pandemics by Prof. Satyen Bhattacharyya

The concept of Physiotherapy has been in existence since the evolution of mankind but had not got a formal recognition and the word “Physiotherapy” had not been coined. In order to boost the immunity of individuals, medical personnel of the time advised various exercises to cope with the effect of the Pandemics that occurred at different phases of world history. These exercises that were prevalent at different times took an organized shape in under title of Physiotherapy.

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The most life threatening event for this decade turns out to be the pandemic outbreak of  COVID 19 virus , where the major effects are seen on the respiratory system , however some studied have shown the effect of this novel corona virus on the central nervous system(CNS). Various case reports and retrospective studies conducted across the globe have reported several patterns of central nervous system involvement, with a higher end on diffuse CNS1 involvement in patients battl... Read More

Memoir of a Frontline Warrior: Unplugged by Ms Rajvi Devendra Sheth

In the era of technologies and advancement in medicine, little did we know that a virus with a diameter of a few nanometers could cause such a havoc by crippling the entire world. Even the Health Care System of the First World countries was paralyzed. Within no time, the doctors stepped forward to share their responsibilities and took upon their shoulders to fight against this virus. Here I share with you my experience and my emotional perspective as a Frontline Warrior.

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