A Conversation with first Indian woman to win Olympic silver medal - P V SINDHU

Dedication & commitment are what transfer dreams into realities.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. 4.15 AM is that time of the morning when most of us are sleeping in the cozy comfort of our quilts. But there are a few passionate beings who are busy creating an extraordinary life. A life that is epic and legendary. Life of a true champion. A champion called P V Sindhu. We are privileged to present an interview with India’s latest Badminton sensation Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, whose name is synonymous with relentless hard work & unremitting devotion. The interview focuses on various aspects of badminton as a sport and how physiotherapy plays a crucial role in keeping her fit and game-ready during training and tournaments. The issue also features an interview with Dr. Kiran Challagundla, Physiotherapist - Indian Badminton Team and a very vital part of the Olympic glory brought by Sindhu along with the coach P. Gopichand. He has discussed his long-standing association with badminton and how a physio plays different roles at different stages.

New technologies like high-intensity laser, inversion therapy & EndoRush, a Rehab App are discussed. Also presented is a new trend in taping called dynamic taping. As a tribute to our chief mentor, Late Dr. M. G. Mokashi, who insisted on us cover ergonomics articles, we have included an interview of Prof. P. N. Saha, a pioneer in Ergonomics along with a special article on Cardiovascular Ergonomics. The issue contains a brief report on our nation-wide series of seminars on Marketing in Physiotherapy in cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna, and Lucknow. The issue also covers current affairs and an article on various exercises for neck pain. To sum up, I would say that your genetics predict your success so much less than your daily rituals do. Install world-class habits and you'll experience world-class results. The pros get this. The amateurs don't. Life's too short to play small with your talent. Believe in your best. Install world-class habits and you'll experience world-class results. Life's too short to play small with your talent. 


COVER FEATURE: In conversation with the latest dragon slayer & India’s badminton heartthrob - How Physiotherapy Keeps Her Fit & Game Ready - P V Sindhu

The first Indian woman to win a silver medal in the Olympics, winner of the China Open Super Series Title (2016), Runner up at the Hong Kong Open Super Series (2016) and Qualifier for World Super Series Finals to be held in Dubai in Dec 2016, P V Sindhu is pushing the envelope like no badminton player had done before in the history of women’s badminton in India. Born, 5th July 1995, the 21-year-old Sindhu started playing badminton when she was just six, though it was more of a pastime t... Read More

PHYSIO SPEAKS: An Interview with the Unassuming Physio Playing a Pivotal role in P. V. Sindhu's triumphs - DR.KIRAN CHALLAGUNDLA

Dr. KIRAN CHALLAGUNDLA is a name that needs no introduction to the Indian Badminton arena as far as physiotherapy is concerned. A modest demeanor, an unassuming style, a down to earth behavior are hallmark of Dr. Kiran, who believes in staying away from the limelight & let his work speak for itself. Working truly behind the scenes to support champion sports persons, he was the first full time physio to join the P. Gopichand Academy in Hyderabad in 2009. He has worked closely with SainaNeh... Read More

EXPERT SPEAKS: An Interview with a veteran Ergonomist-Prof .P.N.Saha - DR.SUNEETI CHATTERJEE

Global Warming, pollution and environment are subjects that find mention at every gathering sometimes even at friendly get together while talking about each otherswell being. Recently, at one such discussion I heard an opinion on environment and productivity ‘’We cannot help certain situations.. We have to adjust and tolerate....’’ and i could not agree.

I was reminded of a devoted teacher who changed my view point as a young physio; and gave me a new perspec... Read More

QUINTESSENTIAL: Neck Pain-Exercise Prescription - DR.SMRUTI.S.DASH, PT

Neck pain is increasingly becoming difficult to handle because of our lifestyle and technology.67% of individuals will suffer neck pain at some stage in their life. The current research incidence of neck pain in Bangalore has been estimated as 35% and the median age as 27 years and it ranges between 18 to 52 years1. Job related stress and psychosocial factors do has a major role in causing the neck and shoulder pain2.Student community is also a major sector who usually suffer from neck pain .... Read More

TECHVANTAGE: High Intensity Laser in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - MR.IGOR KUTA

Acute musculoskeletal disorders and pain originating from them is something every person faces once in their lifetime regardless of age or activities one does. Immediate treatment of such injuries can lead to prevention of chronicity, other complications or even the necessity of surgical intervention. In case of painful conditions a number of traditional approaches have to be postponed until the pain subsides, or adjusted so the patient doesn’t feel pain while being treated. High Intens... Read More

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Cardio Economics-Introduction to Cardiovascular Ergonomics - MRS.MARIYA JIANDANI

Ergonomics is a science that links people and their work. It is the study of natural laws governing work (“ergon”, meaning work and “nomos” meaning law). It studies work performance with emphasis on worker safety and productivity amidst human abilities, limitations and characteristics. The focus of ergonomics is on “How to do” to prevent injury, dysfunction and morbidity.

Cardiovascular ergonomics may also be called as “cardio-economics&rdqu... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Dynamic Taping-A Multi-tiered approach to Biomechanical Taping - RYAN KENDRICK

Dynamic Taping aims to overcome these limitations to provide a strong mechanical effect (resistance/deceleration, assistance or compression) to assist in managing load directly via generating some of the force or indirectly via modification of movement patterns known to increase load. It does this without limitation to movement so that load management and balance/control strategies are not adversely affected and it should continue to function even when exercise challenges are introduced.

... Read More

AVANT GARDE: Inversion Therapy-The Benefits of Being Upside down - DR.K.S.BHAWISH, PT

Being upside down brings back the memories of childhood punishment for some, while for others it is also a form of exercise with the intention of therapeutic or physiological benefits. Spiders, monkeys and bats, hanging upside down in the trees, must have known about the benefits of inversion therapy long before humans figured it out! Inverting the body has been around for hundreds of years - and has always been referred to as having a positive effect on the body. Although humans may not have... Read More

REPORTAGE: Marketing Mantra-A nationwide series of awareness seminar for physios on marketing in physiotherapy - SPECIAL REPORT

Places where seminar on marketing in physiotherapy were held is as below: 1) 11Nov, 2016- Assam Down town University, Guwahati 2) 13 Nov, Calcutta Medical & Research Institute, Kolkata 3) 14 Nov, Hotel Maplewood, Ranchi  4) 15Nov, Bihar Industries Association, Patna 5) 16 Nov, Hotel skyhigh, Lucknow

Read More

CURRENT AFFAIRS: The Latest Research and Updates In Physiotherapy

Vestibular thresholds begin to increase above age 40, new study finds: A new study led by researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear found that vestibular thresholds begin to double every 10 years above the age of 40, Representing a decline in our ability to receive sensory information about motion, balance and spatial orientation(“ threshold” refers to the smallest possible motion administered that the subject is able to perceive correctly). The correlation between... Read More

TECHNOVATION: EndoRushPhysio- A smart Rehab App - SANJAY POOJARI

What is ENDORUSH: Endorush App is a smart rehab tool for both the physiotherapist and client. It is convenient, efficient and productive. It enhances the physiotherapist’s practice of exercise prescription and allows the client to perform HEP effortlessly by just using an app. It enforces the communication and progress tracking of the client encouraging better prognosis.

Read More

BOOK REVIEW: I'm Rich beyond My Wildest Dreams - Thomas L Pauley

Ask Yourself: How rich do you want to be? Thomas pauley and Penelope pauley were given a key that unlocked the door to riches beyond their imagination. Now father and daughter tell their story. The simple system detailed in this book is so powerful it took their family from a second personal bankruptcy to rich and happy life, practically overnight. It is wonderfully written with simple easy to follow instructions. And the really fun part of this book is how “good is makes you feel.&rdqu... Read More




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