An Interview with Sudeep Kale - A Passionate physiotherapist, dedicated teacher & competent administrator

Let’s welcome the year 2015 which is fresh and new, let’s cherish each moment it beholds, let’s celebrate this blissful New Year by surpassing our own benchmarks of excellence in providing quality care to our patients and contribute in making this world a healthier and happier place to live for all with pride and dignity.

As I write this, year 2014 has reached its fag end leaving behind memories of the past and the New Year is just around the corner. Let me begin by wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and fulfilling 2015. May the new year bring renewed hope and help you achieve all your goals and get success at every step of life. At PHYSIOTIMES, 2014 has been special in many ways. The year began with an overwhelming response to our life membership offer. We thank you for your continued trust in us. In this year, starting from Volume VI, we have been taking young & dynamic physios on the cover page. The objective is not to promote a particular individual, but rather appreciate their untiring efforts towards the betterment of the profession. If you think you are the one who should be the next or have a collegue or a friend doing similar work for the field, whom you want to see on the cover page, write to us with their credentials and achievements. We shall be more than happy to consider them for our future issues.

This issue features Sudeep Kale, a young dedicated teacher and an able administrator from Maharashtra who is actively involved in politico-legal aspects of the profession and is working tirelessly to protect the rights of the physios across India, apart from his contribution to the academics. Yet again, the issue is full of articles covering different aspects of physiotherapy practice and its relevance to the Indian clinical scenario. I am happy to share that the response to the “Story Writing Competition” we have started from the last two issues has been remarkable. We thank all those who have participated and congratulate the winners. We shall continue to bring such innovative contests in future as well to tickle your thinking. The “Word Maze” too provides you with an opportunity to challenge your mind and win yourself a prize.

COVER STORY: "The Cervical Core"- Movements, Muscles, Management - SADIYA VANJARA

I am sure we all have, at some point or the other, incorporated core strengthening program for a patient with lumbar spine derangement.Considered strengthening the cervical core muscles in a patient with cervical spine pathology?

Whenever we hear or talk about the “Core”, in 99% of cases what comes to our mind is a strengthening regime for the torso, combining Pilates, the pelvic box & various strengthening techniques where the lumbar, sacral and pelvic regions being... Read More

PHYSIO SPEAKS: An Interview With A Passionate Physiotherapist, A Dedicated Teacher, A Competent Administrator - SUDEEP KALE

action speaks louder than words? At just 31 years of age, he is the face of hundreds of young Indian physios working relentlessly for the betterment of the profession & community with their skilled minds and healing hands.After completing his Masters in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.  Sudeep kale presently works as an associate professor at Terna college of physiotherapy. Navi Mumbai. However, that is not all. He is also the youngest elected executive member of the Maharashtra stat... Read More

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Towards A Better Understanding Of Temporomandibular joint Disorders - DIANA PINTO

In this issue, we discuss the Etiology of Temporomandibular joint disorders in greater detail along with a brief discussion of certain conditions affecting the Temporomandibular joint. These conditions can be categorized as below: a) Structural incompatibility of the articular surfaces; b) Posterior Displacement of the disc;  c) Inflammatory disorders of the TMJ.

Read More


receives sensory input from our environment as well as our own body through various channels such as touch, vision, taste, smell, auditory, position, and movement senses. Sensory integration means making optimal use of sensory information so that we can relate to the world around us and functions appropriately. For example, avoiding an obstacle on the road while walking and talking, catching a ball, writing in a straight line, are all common tasks when information from multi-sensory channels ... Read More


Individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) still comprise the largest proportion of those referred for pulmonary rehabilitation. However, it has become clear that Regardless of the type of chronic respiratory disease, patients experience a substantial morbidity from secondary impairments, such as peripheral muscle, cardiac, nutritional, and psychosocial dysfunction, as well as suboptimal self-management strategies.

Therefore, pulmonary rehabilitation may be of val... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Understanding Myofascia A Therapeutic Perspective - SUBHANJAN DAS

Not so long ago, we considered the muscles and the fascia as two distinct entities. As our understanding of the soft tissues evolved, we have come to realize that muscles and fascia are structurally and functionally inseparable, together they constitute the myofascia.Myofascia is a complex web of connective tissue which covers the human body extensively. The fascia gives contour and alignment to the muscles, allows smooth sliding of the muscle fibers on itself and transmits the active and pas... Read More

MARKETING MANTRA: Networking For Physiotherapists- More Than Just A marketing Tool! - SMRUTI SWAGATIKA DASH

Be it business or career development; networking is the cornerstone of marketing and lays a strong foundation for growth & progression. Ask any senior manager, popular politician, community leader or successful salesperson; which single skill or habit helped them excel in their career - an overwhelming majority will respond with one simple word… Networking. It is the talk of the town. One with a strong network is known well and is popular in today’s world. It is as simple as ... Read More

CREATIVE CORNER: The Creative Physiotherapists Where's The Physio In Creativity?...Minding The Gap - MATTHEW TAYLOR

Where’s the Physio in Creativity? … Minding the Gap. This month let’s explore head-on the question, “I’m a physiotherapist, what’s ‘physio’ about creativity?” At first glance, the topic of creativity might seem better relegated to the arts then our science. My intention this month is to change our view of what we’re doing as physio’s and how PT is the act of creating and therefore creative.

The research that is emerg... Read More

CONTEST: Results Of Sept 2014 Issue - Story Writing Competition

The winner of story writingcompetition is as below: 1) Dr. Harsha Jain, Mumbai – 15 Days Free intensive training program (By IAFT, Mangalore) 2) Sheik Abdul Khadir, Mumbai- Manual of mulligan concept book3) Dr.Amit Patel, Ahmedabad- PHYSIOTIMES life membership (2 years free and other benefits)

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