In conversation with Ajeya Raj The Para Champion

As the world celebrates Mother’s love in MAY every year, how can we as Physios stay away from it. Paediatrics is a branch that needs passion and patience to work, and I salute all our Paediatric Physiotherapists to dedicate their efforts and time for making the lives of the kids and their mothers better.

This lively edition covers special articles on ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’, ‘"Child's Abnormal Behaviour: a myth or science".

Other out of the box articles featured are “Optimizing Physiotherapy Outcomes: The Importance of Nutrition Education." Mercier Therapy”, “Physiotherapy Pain Requisites in Chronic Musculo-skeletal Pain Management”, "Exploring the Future of Blood Flow Modulation Therapy: Innovations and Advancements."

At PHYSIOTIMES, we are proud to be Media Partners with various events, last month’s being ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Physio Excellence.,

We are proud to talk to Mr. AJEYA RAJ, a renowned Para-athlete, who even after suffering 95% Disability, has won world titles in Boccia events. He shares his journey of Rehabilitation and his never say die attitude in life that has made him win laurels.

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In conversation with Ajeya Raj The Para Champion By Anubha Singhai

Ajay, please tell us about the horrifying accident that changed the course of your life. 

In the year 2006 immediately after my 10th exams I incurred a life changing accident which left me paralyzed below my neck. Yes In a split second I could no longer move any part of my body but my neck!! I had suffered 95% disability and what lay ahead was a life of complete dependency for each and every activity of my daliy life. The future was nothing less than a nightmar... Read More

Exploring the Future of Blood Flow Modulation Therapy by Dr. Aditi Singh

Skeletal muscle is a dynamic tissue that responds to changes in its environment. When it experiences stress, such as during physical activity or exercise, it triggers a process of muscle growth and development. On the other hand, when it is not being used or immobilized due to injury or orthopaedic procedures, it can undergo a process of atrophy or wasting away. This can lead to a loss of muscle strength and size, which is a common consequence of disuse. To prevent this, it is important ... Read More

Autism- Spectrum Disorder by Dr. Charvi Shastri PT

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is mainly characterized by deficits in social communication and the presence of restricted interests and repetitive, stereotyped behavior patterns.

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Physiotherapy practice Prerequisites in Chronic Persistent Musculoskeletal Pain Management by Thangamani Ramalingam A lagappan (PT)

Pain, particularly musculoskeletal pain with sudden and unexplained causes, is not only a source of anguish for individual patients but also for physiotherapists who work in pain management. 

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Mercier Therapy by Dr. Namrata Kundariya (PT)

This therapy was created by Dr. Jeniffer mercier. It is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulative technique in which the reproductive organs are mobilized to help improve blood supply, lymphatic drainage, tissue elasticity and distensibility, mobilize the tight ligaments and break the cross links of collagen that may be present in pelvic adhesions conditions such as: endometriosis, fibroids, adhesions post pelvic or abdominal surgeries, obstructions of fallopian tubes, and biomechanical repro... Read More

Optimizing Physiotherapy Outcomes The Importance of Nutrition Education by Dr. Syed Sabeeh Karhani PT

Physiotherapy is a healthcare discipline aimed at the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical impairments, disabilities, and pain. A physiotherapist's primary goal is to improve an individual's physical function and quality of life through exercise and rehabilitation. However, it has become increasingly clear that nutrition also plays a critical role in the success of physiotherapy interventions.

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Child’s abnormal behaviour A Myth or Science? by Shayasta Saini (PT)

The lifestyle of a child in 2023 is completely different from how it used to be. This modern generation has gone through different experiences never seen before, like online schooling during the COVID-19 lockdown to early gadget exposure and helicopter parenting.

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