In conversation with Differently-abled Indian Arm Wrestler

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Creativity’ is the soul of every profession. Imagine doing the same thing over and over again without adding that pinch of creativity to your work. Physiotherapy is one of the most creative fields as we, as Physios design the treatment program based on the fact that exercises alone can be monotonous, making it enjoyable is our task.

We, at PHYSIOTIMES try to be our creative best while scrutinizing and designing the editions. Rather than making it theme-based, we like to cater to a variety. Rightly said, learning never stops.

brings a collection of articles from national and Inter-national authors along with conversation with Para-athlete Shrimant Jha. Treasures of this edition include – DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS, AN OVERVIEW ON DIABETIC NEUROPATHY & PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC APPROACH TO BALANCE & MOBILITY, EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION FOR PATIENTS WITH POST COVID COMPLICATIONS, ON-FIELD PHYSIOTHERAPISTS IN MODERN TIMES, UNDERSTANDING THE PERSON BEHIND DEMENTIA &                                         .

Physiotherapy is evolving everyday, so it becomes all the more important to update yourself with the latest trends in the world. PHYSIOTIMES believes that learning has no boundaries.

I’m immensely thankful to all our Authors, Nationally and Internationally for being a part of PHYSIOTIMES family and highly appreciating each other’s efforts.

Not to forget, Physiotherapy Fraternity has always been united for the growth and development of the profession. My sincere thanks to Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar, Director, PHYSIOTIMES for his support and guidance.

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In conversation with Differently-abled Indian Arm Wrestler

Shrimant Jha is world No. 3 and Asia’s No.1 differently-abled Arm Wrestler from India. He has won 40 International Medals for the country in various International competitions. In conversation with the Editor of PHYSIOTIMES, he describe his Journey, wins & Failures and also his views on Physiotherapy. 

Please tell us about your interest in sports since childhood and what made you inclined toward arm wrestling?

I was interested in sports from... Read More

An Overview of Acupuncture Analgesia Physiology by Jonathan Hobbs

Since the early research into the physiological mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia (AA) began towards the end of the 1960’s (Zhao, 2008) there has been a persistent increase in its overall usage with an estimated 14 million plus individuals regularly utilising acupuncture by 2007 (Burke et al, 2006). Although there is a documented growth in the usage of acupuncture, there continues to be considerable debate as to its value and the nature of its proposed mechanisms and their relevance t... Read More

Exercise prescription for patients with post covid complication by Dr. Aparna Pattnaik (PT)

Noble coronavirus is well known for the ongoing pandemic and the main reason for the decline in the health status of every patient and their caretakers. It is caused by SARS-COV- 2 viruses and Spreads from an infected person's mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe. As per WHO, 200 symptoms have been noticed mainly fever, dry cough, tiredness and loss of taste with skin and intestine complications.

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Understanding the person behind Dementia by Cherry Pereira (PT)

Dementia refers to a clinical syndrome characterized by progressive cognitive decline that interferes with the ability to function independently (Duong, Patel and Chang, 2017). Symptoms of dementia are gradual, persistent and progressive (Duong, Patel and Chang, 2017). Individuals suffering from dementia experience changes in cognition, function and behavior (Duong, Patel and Chang, 2017).

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Onfield Physiotherapists in modern times by Danny Pereira (PT)

Today in a world that is fitness driven and health conscious, the field of Sports has created a prominent niche in everyone’s lives. Due to media coverage and accessibility to technology sports has become a fast growing industry. Every person involved in sports, maybe a sportsman, sportswoman, teams and support staff have been exposed to high levels of competition. The players today are regarded as significant idols and role models. For reaching those heights of success the athletes und... Read More

An overview on diabetic neuropathy & Physiotherapeutic approach to Balance and mobility by Dr. Garima Gupta (PT)

The most common complication in diabetes is diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). There are two generalized varieties of DPN: 1) typical DPN, 2) atypical DPN. Typical DPN is most common and is a chronic, symmetrical, length-dependent sensorimotor polyneuropathy (DSPN). It is strongly associated with hyperglycaemia and cardiovascular covariates. It causes pathologic alterations in nerves, and affects nerve conduction. 

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Digital Therapeutics by Dr. Madhura Bhagat(PT),

Gone are the days when we were looking at Digital Therapeutics (DTx) as ‘the future of healthcare.’ As we all are well aware, the global pandemic that ensued due to COVID 19 compelled the healthcare industry, among others, to explore DTx more seriously as opposed to it being an afterthought or an adjunct under normal circumstances. But now the times have changed. DTx has moved from musings and debates of ‘the future of healthcare’ to a feasible, viable option that is r... Read More




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