PHYSIOTIMES Vol.9 Issue 6 May 2018

Time flies, but memories last forever.

Dear Readers

Greetings from PHYSIOTIMES

Time is the most pivotal entity that controls our lives. It has no beginning and no ending. All things are born in time, grow in time and then decay and die in time. Time moves at its own pace. It is a constant phenomenon that surrounds our existence, second by second, minute by minute, every hour, every day, week, month or year. It cannot be commanded or even managed as most people might like to believe. How can you manage something that is not in your control? What you essentially manage are your own priorities and not the time. No matter what you do, time doesn’t change its course for anyone. It does not wait for kings or princess and has no pity for beggars. It cannot be analyzed. It cannot be criticized (though we all do at times in some or the other way).

I am talking about the magnificence of time with you today because of a special reason. As I started writing this note, I realized that the issue you are holding in your hands is the 54th consecutive issue of PHYSIOTIMES and we have completed 9 years of service in this field of physiotherapy. What a tremendous journey it has been with you all by our side. Time has really flown and we are grateful to you all for having come so far.

I remain indebted to all the readers for their unswerving support to us all these years. I thank all the advertising partners who have stood by us and made this venture commercially viable. I thank the authors who have contributed their expertise on myriad topics to make it content rich. I am grateful to the editorial board members, the team at PHYSIOTIMES and every single reader and physiotherapist of the country for showering their immense love and affection in all these years.

PHYSIOTIMES has facilitated meaningful exchange of information amongst the physiotherapists of India and we feel privileged to be a part of this great fraternity.  I am sure we shall see many interesting & innovative projects in the field by young and dynamic physios in the future that shall bring glory to the field.

May the almighty shower his choicest blessings upon you and give you power to alleviate the suffering of the ailing humanity.

To your good health and comfort,

Mukesh Nayak


Cover Story: Neurological Music Therapy By Shefali Gambhir

India, the world’s second most populous country, is facing the emergence of a hidden epidemic of neurologic disability, largely due to 3 emerging health trends: 1) an increase in traumatic brain injuries (TBI) from road traffic accidents (RTA); 2) an increase in the incidence of age-related dementia; and 3) an increase in the stroke incidence. ‘Neuro-disability’ is an umbrella term for a wide range of disabilities stemming from long-term neurological conditions which cause d... Read More

Clinician Speaks: Physiotherapy for the visually Diabled by Sadia Vanjara

On the 14th of March this year, the story of 12-year-old RehmatShaikh, a blind boy, was taken up by one of the most renowned newspapers of our country, THE HINDU.

Rehmat, who was born in a remote village near Kolkata, was not able to walk since birth, for a reason which was not only astonishing but also very sad. Because he was born blind, his parents, especially his mother, didn’t let him engage in any kind of activity. She thought, rather believed, that because he... Read More

Review Article: Complete Decongestive Therapy By Rajanee Mishra

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a gold treatment for lymphedema. Lymphedema is one of the complication due to impaired lymphatic damage such as following mastectomy. Endocrine relation to lymphedema has never been focused in clinical research. Some literature suggests that autoimmune hypothyroidism can lead to primary lymphedema. Therefore, CDT can be targeted in patients with autoimmune hypothyroidism to deal with the related symptoms that will help to provide quality of life in such ... Read More

Fitness Funda: YOS Fitness Protocol By Surjit Chakrabarty

In This Age When Entire World Is Trying To Know How To Remain Fit And Healthy, India Has More To Give To The World Than The Mother Of All Exercise Science Yoga. When The Cardio Workout Is Strongly Related To Western  Dances Like Samba, Salsa, And Calypso And Strength Training Is Strongly Anonymus With Cross Fit Trtaining,Fitness Enthusiast Are Wooed With Kick Boxing And Mua Thai Workouts, We Were Wondering What Did The Oldest Civilization Of The World, Our Mother Land “Bharat&rdquo... Read More

Healthology: Smart Phone Aches: Techno-health glitches by Smruti Swagtika Das

With advancing technology humans are definitely leading a comfortable life but not to forget, everything comes in with a bane too. We pay a hefty price for any technical device that we use not only the dollars I am talking about but also the health dangers that come along. In today’s world we are mostly in the clutches of smart phone. With the world at our finger tips we have associated problems which we face on a day to day basis from finger to toes because of smart phones. The number ... Read More

Beyond PT: Couch Surfing by Mukesh Nayak

There are two types of people in the world - those who love to travel, and those who don't. I'm more of the former. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel? Infact the very mention of the word brings back vivid memories of the past travels we have done, whether it was a family vacation or a school trip, a road journey with friends or a solo backpack adventure. Travel is something most people love and look forward to. Travel offers so much learning, an opportunity to meet new people; ... Read More

Quintessential: Patient Education: An Imperative Intervention by Parivesh Kumar

Education is the key to empowerment. As a clinician when doing the initial assessment, listening to a patient’s story is paramount for a successful treatment. With my international training I believe that a good assessment is half the treatment. There is one key area of physiotherapy treatment that is unique amongst all of us, and when it is given to a patient in a way that is meaningful and impactful for them, its power in recovery is unmeasurable. This component is the part we most co... Read More




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