In Conversation with Prof. Gillian Ruth Webb- Five decade long journey in physiotherapy

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

 It all starts with a dream. Yes, it is when a dream is pursued with immense passion, that we witness monumental achievements by individuals. PHYSIOTIMES is one such dream that has stood the taste of time and culminated into a national identity in the field of Indian Physiotherapy. Today as we complete seven years of service with this 42nd consecutive issue, I am running short of words to express our gratitude to you dear readers, for your incessant support and unremitting patronage.  “Thank You” for being there. The cover story in this issue is a one-on-one discussion with Prof. Gillian Webb, an Australian physiotherapist with a five decade long career in physiotherapy. At 70, her energy and exuberance are palpable and her life story is a true example of how biological age is just a number for those who are passionate about their purpose in life.

In this issue we bring to you a range of topics that not only focuses on different aspects of physiotherapy but also addresses some of the inherent qualities desired to be a successful physiotherapist.The highlight of the issue is the “POSTER DESIGN CONTEST.” Don’t miss out and make sure you participate and contribute in creating a pool of innovative strategies to bring awareness about physiotherapy in the general public and promote the profession. To sum up, I would say that don’t give up on your dreams. No matter how hard the situation is, continue to dream big. Because dreams do come true. To your good health and comfort.

COVER FEATURE: Reminiscence of a Five decade long journey in physiotherapy - PROF.GILLIAN WEBB

Dr. Gillian Ruth Webb, Chair of the Asia West Pacific Region World Confederation for Physical Therapy (AWP-WCPT) is an Australian Physiotherapistwith a career spanning over five decades. She has been involved in physiotherapy education for more than 40 years. Her research interests are in health professional education and particularly in clinical education,assessment of student learningand curriculum development. She has extensive experience in curriculum design in many countries including In... Read More

FEATURE ARTICLE: Hormones and weight loss what is the correlation? - DIANA PINTO

At the Very mention of Hormones can conjure images of menopausal women or nefarious food additives. For decades, an endless stream of well marketed diets and newfangled exercise programs, have been promising an easy path to a leaner, trimmer you. And then every year we are enticed to drop all “Bad carbohydrates” or “purchase a can of Whey Protein powder or BCAA’s” or “purchase the latest piece of gym equipment” to ensure that good health and happiness... Read More

REVIEW ARTICLE: Wheelchair Basketball- Assessment of athletes with shoulder pain - DR.TANZILA POTIA

The goal of the injury rehabilitation program must not only focus on regaining previous levels of physical performance and being injury free, but also consider the psychological, medical and physiological criteria for return to play (Brewer and Cornelius 2003). Athletic Profiling performed by members of the multidisciplinary team provides definite criteria for returning to sports, identifies injury components, increases efficiency of training and compares athlete's physical status within ... Read More

STRAIGHT FROM THE GUT: Best PT NYC Philosophy-A US Physio Practitioner's Perspective - KARENA WU

ActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC is known as the Best PT in NYC. We are located in midtown Manhattan and embody a certain style of physiotherapy. It is holistic in nature, thorough in its assessment and incorporates at its foundation manual therapy techniques to help fix clients. It is an active therapeutic procedure that requires participation from the client as well as knowledge and skills on the practitioner’s part. The goal is to fix clients, not just to treat their symptoms.

... Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Get PT first-A movement for direct access In physiotherapy - SEAN HAGEY

Physiotherapy is a rewarding career. But it's more than a job for me, it's my passion. I love to work with people and help them get back to the things they love. I've been very fortunate to see many success stories firsthand. I believe in the power of physiotherapy and the therapists who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others. That is why I created GetPT1st, a site dedicated to promoting the profession and educating the public on the what a physio does and when peop... Read More

FITNESS FUNDA: Trail Running-Get Off the beaten path - SHEL- ELMORE

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep,And miles to go before I sleep.” ~Robert Frost

When was the last time you ran like a wild man or woman in the woods such that the experience was not only physically enthralling but nurtured your soul? Whether you’re stuck in a running rut, bored by your neighborhood routes or just plain hate the treadmill, it might... Read More

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Around the globe - The Latest Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation research from prestigious universities and journals

Understanding baby's first steps could improve spinal injury rehab

A group of researchers from VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands studying the brain patterns involved as babies take their first steps hope to apply their findings to helping children with cerebral palsy and improving the rehabilitation of adults following spinal cord injury. Dr. Nadia Dominici, who heads the group at VU University's Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences, explains what they do: "W... Read More

REPORTAGE: IFOMT 2016 - What the global said at Glasgow - Special Report

IFOMPT conference: Study finds that patients of physio independent prescribers have greater satisfaction levels - Independent prescribing has broadened the horizons of physiotherapists in the UK and has benefited patients.That was the message from Pip White, CSP professional adviser on medicines and prescribing, when she addressed the IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopedic Manipulative Physical Therapists) conference in Glasgow on 7 July. She described the huge amount of work that led... Read More

X-FACTOR: PEPA MOOC! Physiotherapy, Exercise and physical activity massive open online course - RACHAEL LOWE

Aim: This inter-disciplinary educational course is designed to help healthcare professionals understand the size of the problem of physical inactivity in the causation of a number of conditions and the benefits of exercise in treatment and prevention, and to encourage those who access the course to perform and evaluate interventions to increase physical activity in their settings.

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CONTEST: Poster design competition

Theme:Strategies to enhance awareness of physiotherapy in the general public

The Most creative Poster will get published in PHYSIOTIMES Vol.8, Issue-1, July-August’16 & Assured gift to all the participants

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BOOK REVIEW: Unposted Letter - Mahatria Ra

Unposted Letter is author’s attempt to make a difference in personal and professional attitude, Situations or View point of its readers. Through its sheer simplicity, it shows us the path to understanding our subconscious mind, which helps us face the truth and manage our everyday struggles in a better way. This book enables one to find happiness in small things and lead a happier life.

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In this section we bring to you interesting websites of clinical & academic relevance to Physiotherapists .In this Issue we introduce

News medical is an online open-access medical information provider for healthcare Professionals, medical researches and engaged consumers.

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