An Interview with Dr. Emma Stokes – WCPT President

“Great works can be accomplished only through unity”

The rains have cast their magical spell all across the nation. From a drizzle at one place to a downpour at the other and even deluge at some places, there have been rains all over the country in the past few days and a relief from the scorching summer heat. Hope you have had a great monsoon. A WCPT Congress is a mammoth event for physical therapists all over the world. It is with great pleasure I wish to share that PHYSIOTIMES was invited as an official media to cover the event. Rightly so, this issue is dedicated to WCPT Congress 2015 held at Singapore from 1st to 4th May’15. The report covers various news & events and brings you the crux of some of the key scientific deliberations and developments that were discussed at the Congress. The cover feature is an interview with the newly elected president of WCPT, Dr. Emma Stokes, a dynamic leader who is all geared up to take the legacy of WCPT further in her new assignment. While on one hand it was disappointing to see the absence of Indian Flag at the opening ceremony due to termination of IAP’s membership, the respite was to see many Indian faces including the students taking part as delegates, speakers, panelists, chair persons, poster and paper presenters and even volunteers. We have included an extensive report covering India’s participation at the congress with the views, key learnings and an overall feedback from some of the delegates we met there. There is a brief interview with Dinesh Verma, an Indian Physiotherapist, now settled in Singapore. Dinesh has served as the past president of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association and is currently the secretary general of the Asia Western Pacific region of WCPT and a successful entrepreneur cum physical therapist.

It is definitely a moment of pride for us to see an Indian physiotherapist doing well at the international level. To give the readers a more comprehensive outlook, the issue also features a historical perspective on India’s participation in the WCPT Congress in the past four decades by our mentor Dr. M G Mokashi, who has attended the Congress twice in 1974 (at Montreal) and 1995 (at Washington DC). We also bring you a snapshot through a photo tour of the participation by PHYSIOTIMES on this prestigious global platform for PTs and tie-ups with organizations & institutions of global repute to bring the best expertise and information to our readers in the forthcoming issues. There is a brief introduction to a new website domain “.dot physio” for physical therapists now available for those who want to carve a niche for themselves in the cyber space. To commemorate the International Yoga Day held recently and how physiotherapists can adapt this ancient science and discipline in their practice, there is a special article on the relevance of Yoga in Physiotherapy Practice by Dr. Nilima Patel. Hands on techniques on manual therapy of the hip joint are covered by Dr. Umasankar Mohanty. Also featured are regular columns like word maze, web advisor and upcoming events. We sure this special issue would help you get a glimpse of the biggest event of physical therapy, the WCPT Congress and inspire you to consider the possibility of joining the next congress in cape Town, south Africa to be held from 2nd to 4th July, 2017 and value to your professional career and join hands with therapists across the globe for better tomorrow for our profession.


COVER FEATURE: Frankly speaking with Dr. Emma Stokes- an Interview with the WCPT President - EMMA STOKES

A physical therapist, an academician, a researcher, a clinician, a statistician, a college dean, a management graduate, a regulator, a leader & an able administrator having worked internationally with various associations and now at the helm of affairs of world’s largest representative body in physical therapy as its president, Dr. Emma Stokes has donned many hats. With an illustrative career spanning over two and a half decade she holds tremendous promise as the WCPT President as s... Read More

EXPERT ADVICE: So, You think you'd like to work in the US.. How FCCPT can help you. - KATHLEEN LUEDTKE- HOFFMAN& DR. SUE LINDEBLAD

Perhaps you’re in school studying to become a Physiotherapist, or maybe you’re already working as a Physio; whether a student or working professional, the possibility of working temporarily or immigrating to another country appeals to many.  In addition to courage and an adventurous spirit, you need information about the immigration and credentialing processes required to work in the country of your dreams. You also need to invest time in reading and studying information abou... Read More

REPORTAGE: WCPT Congress 2015- Where the World of Physical Therapy met!- An Exclusive report - Special Report

A WCPT Congress is undoubtedly a mammoth event for physical therapists across the world. The 17th WCPT Congress was held at Singapore from 1st to 4th May 2015 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 3500 delegates from 114 countries attended the Congress and over 100 exhibitors participated from across the globe.Around 40% of the delegates described as clinicians, 22% as educators and 15% as researchers around 8% are Pre-qualifying students. The largest contingents come... Read More

THEY SAID IT: India at WCPT Congress 2015- Key Learning’s and Views from the delegates. - Special Report

While the first WCPT congress was held in 1953 in LONDON, IT WAS IN THE YEAR 1970 that Dr.NanduChhabria first represented Indian as the president of IAP IN THE 6th WCPT World congress at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since then, Indian delegates have been regular participants in the WCPT Congress. However this year in 2015, despite WCPT Having terminated IAP’s membership due to ongoing internal disputes, it is heartening to know that around 40 delegates participated from India that... Read More

PHYSIO SPEAKS: An Interview with Secretary General of the AWP-WCPT Region - DINESH VERMA

A Physiotherapist and MBA (UK, gold Medalist), an accomplished professional and Entrepreneur with over 23yrs experience, Dinesh verma hails from India and is now settled in Singapore. He was the past president of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association and is currently the secretary General of the Asia West Pacific- WCPT Region

An Entrepreneur, Dinesh holds multiple portfolios as: Chairman of V2U Healthcare- a Singapore based company devoted to Rehabilitation Services and techniques... Read More

WEBVANTAGE: Dot Physio- An exclusive domain for PT

The biggest change to the internet since the internet itself is happening and the physiotherapy profession is in a prime position to take advantage.  The common domain name extensions of .com, .org and .net and the country codes, like .au, iin and .uk, are being joined by an explosion of new ones, including .physio -specifically for the world physiotherapy profession.


To facilitate internet innovation and sustainability the International Corporation of Assigned... Read More

MENTOR SPEAKS: India’s Participation at the WCPT- A Historical Perspective- Reminiscences of the past - DR. M.G. MOKASHI

It was around 1965, the then Secretary General of WCPT visited India and a function was held in her honour by IAP in Mumbai. She later on reported of Physiotherapy infrastructure in our country to WCPT and subsequently IAP was admitted as a Member Country. In 1970s India changed its Ethical Rules and Physiotherapy practice as ‘directed by’ a medical practitioner was amended as ‘referred by’. This evoked WCPT to send us a show-cause notice stating that change in rule me... Read More

PHYSIO YOGA: Yoga in Physiotherapy Practice - DR. NILIMA PATEL

Yoga is a way of life. It is the journey and the destination to “The Self”. Yoga to me is Self-discipline. From time immemorial the science of yoga has been recognized and practiced for Upliftment and betterment of human life. It is a blessing, from our great saints to people of the universe.

Although Yoga is found in association with religious belief and practices, it is itself a religion. It is essentially a process, teaching, a method and may be practiced equally eith... Read More

HEALING HANDS: Manual Therapy of the hip joint - PROF. UMASANKAR MOHANTY

Anatomy and Biomechanics of Hip Joint:   The hip is a classical ball-and-socket joint. It meets the four characteristics of a synovial or diarthrodial joint: it has a joint cavity; joint surfaces are covered with articular cartilage; it has a synovial membrane producing synovial fluid, and; it is surrounded by a ligamentous capsule (Byrd J., 2004). The cup-shaped acetabulum is formed by the innominate bone with contributions from the ilium (approximately... Read More




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