Interview with Sujit Nayak

It gives me sheer delight to present March’22 Edition of PHYSIOTIMES as we enter a new world of possibilities. The year started on a positive note and now we are ready to celebrate the festival of colours.

Also, it’s the time to appreciate and acknowledge the role of women in every field. Physiotherapy is one such field where we see dominance of women in academics as well as clinicals. Right from nurturing young talents to doing long shifts in icu, there are consistent efforts from female physios without excuses.

THIS EDITION covers the journey and experiences of an eminent cricket player sujit nayak. Also, we have diverse articles, ‘Dietary recommendations for Physiotherapists to advise diabetic Patients’, ‘Incontinence & falls’, ‘Rebozo shifting’, ‘Restless legs syndrome’, ‘Correcting upper crossed syndrome in smart phone users’, ‘ Dorso-lumbar trauma’ and ‘Cuboid syndrome: An overlooked cause of foot pain’. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar sir for his guidance and support. A sincere thanks to all the physiotherapy colleges for coming forward for subscription as a result we could enrol more than 100 physiotherapy colleges in such a short span.

Happy reading!!,

 Anubha singhai,



This month we have celebrated International Women’s Day and I am very glad and happy that our Editor Mrs Anubha was facilitated on various platforms.

Now the time has come where we need to come out from the word Empowerment or empowering women and replace it with “co operation” . We as society, adopt the collaborative approach towards Females.

I am aware and happy that in Physiotherphy world, now females are coming out from home remedies to professional physio help. That’s a positive sign as woman is the base of a family and her health must be taken seriously.

Also, I can see the welcome change in physiotherphy industry where more and more young females are opting it as profession.

Overall, we are marching towards a collaborative, cooperative society so that we can build a stronger society and nation.


Pradeep karambelkar

Interview with Sujit Nayak

SUJIT NAYAK is a motivated professional cricketer, currently playing in Mumbai's local league for THE CRICKET CLUB OF INDIA. Sujit has been playing cricket for last 12 years for different teams, clubs, regions and associations based in India.

He is an absolute team player and extremely passionate to win and do better. He has always been able to be the driving force in all the teams that he has been a part of and love to lead by exam... Read More

Cuboid syndrome: An overlooked cause of foot pain by Dr Srishti Banerjee (PT)

Cuboid syndrome is often a misdiagnosed cause of lateral midfoot pain and is often mistreated. Cuboid syndrome is basically an articular pathology where the cuboid bone is out of alignment with respect to calcaneus, navicular, base of fourth and fifth metatarsal and third cuneiform bone. Cuboid syndrome by definition is disruption in structural congruity or subluxation of calcaneocuboid portion of midtarsal joint.

Read More

DORSO-LUMBAR TRAUMA When and how to Fix by Dr. Vaibhav Jain

Thoracolumbar spine fractures range from simple undisplaced fractures to complex fracture dislocations

Thoracic and lumbar spine divided into three regions –

                1)Thoracic (T1-T10)

                2)Thoracolumbar junction (T10-L2)

  &nb... Read More

Rebozo Sifting by Dr. Namrata Kundariya (PT)

The rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl or wrap that is used to support and comfort often associated with providing support and comfort during labor and delivery.

An authentic rebozo is a 100% cotton wrap that is both thick and stretchable but can be made up of other fabrics. Rebozos — which are usually 4 to 7 feet long so that they can be wrapped around the body with extra fabric to spare.

Read More

Incontinence and Falls by Dr. Binal Dave (PT)

Why Are Falls Common in Individuals with Incontinence?

There are many reasons that falls happen more often for those dealing with incontinence.  Some individuals fall because they are rushing to the bathroom to avoid leakage.  They may lose their balance or trip over objects.

Urinary incontinence is also associated with needing to get up in the night to pee (Fisher, 2019).  Many times, individuals may fall in the night due to poor lightin... Read More

Dietary Recommendation for Physiotherapists to advise diabetic Patients by Dr. Nigel Gonsalves (PT)

Diabetes mellitus or type-2 diabetes, is one of the major non-communicable and fast-growing public health problems in India and the world over. It has been estimated that the number of diabetes sufferers in the world will double from the current value of about 190 million to 325 million during the next 25 years. Individuals with type-2 diabetes are at a high risk of developing a range of debilitating complications such as cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, nephropathy, chang... Read More

Correcting Upper Crossed Syndrome in Smart Phone Users TELE REHABILITATION by Dr. N N BOBBY (PT)

The use of smart phone has become a necessity for most people. Smart phones are used for both communication and entertainment purposes, such as message, music, media, internet access, photos, and games. Now a days due to Covid 19 pandemic, smart phones are used mostly by students for learning purpose such as online classes, webinars, e-learning programme etc. When using smart phones, people usually flex their neck downwards to stare at the lowered object and maintain the head in forward posit... Read More



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