PHYSIOTIMES Vol.9 Issue 5 March-April-2018

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A good laugh heals a lot of hurts

Laughter is the Best Medicine. We have all heard this saying umpteen times about laughter.

Well, there’s a lot of truth to it - in fact, few things are more beneficial to a person’s overall well-being and health than laughter. For one, it boosts your immune system, releasing T-cells to suppress stress-inducing chemicals. Laughter also creates strong bonds with others. Did you know that if two people are laughing together, they’ll feel more emotionally connected?

It’s true! The power of laughter will greatly increase your chances of connecting with people. As a physiotherapist, it would mean an opportunity to connect and create lasting relationship with your patients. In your day to day clinical practice, have you considered using humor or jokes to make your patients feel comfortable? Much research on humor in medical relationships shows how it can overcome fear and uncertainty and lead to more honest discussion of disease and health issues.

An appropriate use of humor will produce a favorable attitude toward the treating therapist. Making patients laugh helps them retain information better - they often remember funny things more than anything else. Needless to mention, this would enhance patient compliance leading to a better prognosis. While it might sound out of context to talk about laughter, but being in the business of helping people lead better lives, you can use it as an effective tool to heal and make a positive difference. Regardless of your situation, always remember that laughter is a healthy and powerful way to help open the doors to your overall happiness and success.

AT PHYSIOTIMES, we continue to serve your information needs with latest contents by experts from across the globe. This issue is no different. The cover story by Dr. John Rusin describes the importance of simple yet effective screening tools for preventing training injuries. Stephen Hawking the great scientist has left for his heavenly abode. What lessons can we learn from his life as a professional? That is what the article on him by PHYSIOTIMES Editorial team covers.

Wearing the right footwear is important for balance, stability and support. The article PUT YOUR FEET IN TO RIGHT SHOES would help you chose your shoes wisely. Research says every muscle that we use throughout the day contracts and relaxes multiple times during any activity. In order to achieve the original length of a muscle and get back to normal function, stretching is generally proven helpful.  Article ‘Stretch-O-Roll’ discusses Importance & Effects of adequate stretching and foam rolling pre & post workout.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, an emerging non invasive neuromodulation technique is discussed in the techvantage section where as the article SMART REHAB in the technovation section describes how home exercise programs can be devised using Mobile Apps.  Also covered is an article on how drama, music and art can impact movement and gestures.

Other regular sections include the current affairs that feature the latest news and research in physiotherapy, a book review on  Being Mortal - an interesting take on illness, medicines and death. Event calendar lists various upcoming national conferences. In the Best of web section, we bring some more physiotherapy podcasts to help you stay updated while on the move. Don’t forget to participate in the Word Maze and win yourself a book as a prize.  

May you harness the power of laughter, eliminate negative emotions, increase your self confidence, and develop a winning mindset.

Health and Happiness,

Mukesh Nayak



Cover Story: Training Injuries: implementing a standard screening process by Dr.John Rusin

Do You Screen For Injury Risk In Training?

The first tenet of training is to do no harm to your client. While most coaches and trainers shrug off this golden rule of fitness, many professionals in our industry truly don’t fully understand nor appreciate the depth of importance of the “do no harm” credo. Just because your clients aren’t herniating discs with ugly rounded back deadlifts or tearing their rotator cuffs to shreds on the bench press while under you... Read More

Tribute: Remembering Stephen Hawkings

Unafraid of the dark

The explorer of the black holes, the man who was unafraid of the dark, one of the greatest minds of our generation and one of the world's most well-regarded scientists, Professor Stephen Hawking, passed away on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76 years. His mental genius despite his physical disability made him a household name and inspiration across the globe. He was an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. Professor Hawking defie... Read More

Technovation: Smart rehab: Home exercise program using smartphones by Sanjay Poojari

Physiotherapy is an integral part of current treatment methods for many conditions and diseases. We as Physiotherapists see each patient for 2 – 4 hours per week; typically involving a consultation with a series of therapy sessions aimed at providing pain relief, increase in the range of motion; flexibility and strength. As 2 – 4 clinical hours is a small amount of time; Physiotherapists often use Exercise therapy as one of the key components, and discharge patients with a customi... Read More

Fitness Funda: Stretch-O-Roll by Dr.Kinjal shah Anandpara

Have you ever thought how relaxed you are before and after your workout?

Being a Physical Therapist, I see patients who come in for rehabilitation for various spinal and peripheral malfunctions. Patients usually report that they exercise either in the early morning or after work. At both times either you are rushing to work or rushing from work for the work out. At both the times your muscles have already worked and are working even after the workout. That means stress is present al... Read More

Techvantage: Electrified Brain by Dr.Divya Midha & Dr.Narkeesh Arumugam


“ Brain is Running on Electricity or Electricity is Running in the brain”?

Brain Activity is based on the electrical activity of neurons. It uses Neurotransmitters as well as electric fields to communicate. A common catchphrase for this is “Neurons that wire Together, Fire Together”. The Conceptual Framework of Combining Cortical stimulation with operant learning has led the exponential rise in implication of Technology into clinical Prac... Read More

Quintessential: Put your feet into right shoes by Dheli Kadachha

Wearing proper footwear is one of the important aspects of daily life where people tend to pay very little attention. Most of the pain that people have throughout the day such as back pain, shin splints, knee pain and wide range of foot pains may directly or indirectly be associated with their footwear. Almost every single individual has experienced some kind of pain mostly foot pain due to their bad, ill fitted shoes. That’s why your feet not only need to be covered to look good, but t... Read More

Guest Column: Movement & gestures by Parasuram Ramamoorthi

Watch a 12 month old baby’s movement and signs. When he is hungry he moves towards the kitchen and points at the Pressure cooker or his Pediasure bottle.When he is bored with his toy he throws it. And laughs. He needs a new toy or game. We move first and then gestures follow. The baby starts making sounds and then words follow.

Kinesiology is the science dealing with the interrelationship between the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to movemen... Read More

Current Affairs: The Latest Physiotherapy research & Updates across the globe

Pills preferable to exercise for high blood pressure patients

Most patients with high blood pressure would rather have to take a pill every day for the rest of their lives than do exercise, recent research has found. According to a study carried out at the Center for Outcomes, Research and Evaluation at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, fewer than two-thirds (63 per cent) of people would be willing to take up exercise in order to extend their li... Read More

Book Review-3


Illness, medicine and what matter in the end by Atul gawande

It is time the medical profession rethought its approach to the old and terminally ill? In what way? Should doctors be trained to prepare people to die rather then simply be kept alive as long as possible? In being moral, atul gawande addresses these questions and argues that an acceptance of mortality must lie at the heart of the way we treat the dying.

Read More

Best of web-2

Updoc media offers a few different podcast series, including therapy insiders (insight, advice and how-tos from the hosts and other experts) and untold physic stories (interview of PTs about their failures-and what they learned from them) the site also has a blog that exists at the intersection of physical therapy and marketing


Read More

Physio events

1) National Physiotherapy Conference of Chartered Society of physiotherapy Teachers

    Venue: Malabar Marina Convention center Feroke, Kozhikode

    Date: 12 & 13th MAY-2018

    Contact: Mr.Harish Krishna- 9448327388



    Date: 19-20, May 2018

    Venue: Hotel Basera, vridavan, Mathura

     Reg: 9410006824 Email: ... Read More

Result word maze#34

Congrats to the winners of Word Maze# 34


1) Dolly Khanka (MPT,Neuro), New Delhi


Prize: The book "Biophysics and therapeutic Electricity" -By Subin solomen and Pravin Aaron

Read More

Word maze#35


Search as many words as you can related to EPONYMOUS FRACTURES ( only name of the person after whom the fracture is named) from the given word maze. They can be in any order or any direction. you can e-mail the answer only key of this word maze along with your name, city, designation and a profile picture on our mail id: [email protected] before 10th May, 2018 and the participants with maximum correct responses will be declared as ... Read More




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