Interview with India International Hockey Player Tushar Khandker

Editorial JULY’20

Dear Readers,

“If you only carry one thing throughout your entire life, let it be hope

Let it be hope that better things are always ahead.

Let it be hope that you can get through even the toughest of times.

Let it be  hope that you are stronger than any challenge that comes your way.”

  • Nikki Banas

Knowledge is one such ray of light that has the power of overcoming gloomy darkness. I am delighted to share that we have managed to keep the candle of Hope burning through sharing of knowledge.

JULY’20 issue of PHYSIOTIMES is zestful and covers Interview with Mr.Tushar Khandker, former Indian International Hockey player and coach regarding the role of Physiotherapy in fostering his career. The power-packed issue includes practically relevant articles like ‘ Can Physios work from home?’, ‘ Psychological Well-being-a key to stay healthy during lockdown’, ‘ COVID-19 and Physiotherapy’.

Exploring new edge of treatment with articles ‘ Biofeedback in Rehabilitation’ and  ‘ Effect of Electrical Stimulation and Compression Therapy on Varicose Ulcers, DVT with Perforator Incompetence’ should definitely be an epoch-making opportunity.

The issue re-iterates the importance of Nutrition with ‘ Is Nutrition your way to prevention and recovery from Sports Injury? ’

Article on ‘Text Syndrome’ deals with the side effects of overuse of technology on our posture.

I am whole heartedly thankful to Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar Sir for his guidance and support. I am very grateful to all the authors who have contributed in the making of this issue a vibrant one and to all our readers who have been consistently sharing their inputs to help us maintain the trust.

Hope that you will enjoy the issue as much as we loved making it.

“Hope is seeing Light in spite of being surrounded by darkness.”

Interview with India International Hockey Player Tushar Khandker

Tushar Khandker is an Indian professional field hockey player who represented India in Men's Hockey during the 2012 London Olympics as player and 2016 Rio Olympics as coach.

Coming from a family of hockey players and also from the land of HOCKEY WIZARD, Major Dhyanchand, our national game has been running in his veins.

Tushar Khandker made his debut for India in 2003 when he was included in the Ho... Read More

COVID- 19 AND PHYSIOTHERAPY - To all the Physiotherapists, from a Chest Physiotherapist in regards to Corona Virus By Dr. Samana Sayed

Corona Virus/ COVID- 19

We all are very well aware of the important and critical role of Chest/Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, in treating various Acute and Chronic Cardiorespiratory ailments in Acute Hospital as well as Clinical settings and how we, being Cardiorespiratory/Cardiopulmonary  Physiotherapists, are an integral part of the Healthcare System when it comes to such Global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic.

So here I am, shari... Read More

Biofeedback in Rehabilitation by Dr. Camy Bhura and Dr. Paras Bhura

Biofeedback has been used for more than fifty years in rehabilitation to facilitate normal movement patterns after injury. It is a training technique that enables an individual to gain some element of voluntary control over muscular or autonomic nervous system functions using a device that produce an auditory or visual stimulus. It provides biological information to patients in real-time, this information can sometime be referred to as augmented or extrinsic feedba... Read More

TEXT SYNDROME by Prof. Subin Chungath

The number of people with neck pain is increasing day by day due to the impact of mechanization in the 21st century. A growing challenge to maintain the healthy status of neck is really a herculean task. There is mounting evidence based on approaches upcoming in this area like ergonomics and work-related intervention.

Read More

Is Nutrition your way to prevention and recovery from the Sports Injury? by Dr. Sayali Naik

In sports and fitness, injuries are an unfortunate part of the activities. However, no one likes to be sidelined for a longer time from their activities or games. Do you think foods may help reduce the amount of time your body needs to recover from a sports injury? Post an injury, one of the primary goals of all athletes is to be able to heal as quickly as possible. The support staff monitors the athlete’s rehabilitation process. During this time, nutrition often is an underutilized com... Read More

Can physiotherapists work from home? by Dr. Raveena Kini

A lot of physiotherapists work in clinics, home rehabilitation set ups and other non- hospital set ups. Owing to the lockdown in the country and as a safety measure to contain the disease, in most of the places the non-emergency services and outpatient departments are temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure. Hence quite a few physiotherapists who don’t work in a hospital set up tend to stay back home, and those working in a hospital may be doing a rotational shift. As a part of... Read More

Psychological well being helps improve immune system: A key to stay healthy during lockdown by Ram Kumar Deshmukh

Covid-19 has the prevalence effect on the global health, wealth and social conventions. At Present the effective barrier for spreading corona virus is only social distancing with lockdown. After 21-day lockdown, Indian government decided to further extend the lockdown period till 3 may 2020.This period was very critical for all people, because they are not only residing inside the home but fighting to break the chain of spreading corona virus by following lockdown rules. While this time is ve... Read More

Professional Article: Effect of Electrical Stimulation & Compression Therapy on Varicose Ulcers, DVT with Perforator incompetence. By Dr. Vibhor Goel (PT)

Wound care Physical Therapy is highly specialized branch in USA and other developed countries. Among health professionals like vascular surgeon, medical doctors, general surgeon, and wound care nurses, wound care physical therapist are frontline experts of wound management in many health care facilities. Physical Therapist treats and rehabilitates necrotic wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, varicose ulcers, venous or arterial ulcers, and edematous wounds. A detailed evaluation and trea... Read More

CASE REPORT by Dr. Tanya Gujral (PT)

The patient is a 58 year old female with Chief Complaint of left side neck pain along with headache which is bothering her from last 1 year.she is a homemaker and is not involved in major household chores due to presence of maid in her home.

Read More


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