PHYSIOTIMES Vol.9 Issue 4 January-February-2018

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Planning without action is futile. Action without planning is fatal.

Year 2018 has begun and we are close to the end of the financial year 207-18. End of a fiscal year is the time to reflect upon the performance of the past year and also chalk out the road map for the next. As a private practitioner, setting up goals backed by a well defined plan and multipronged approach to execute it, would help you organize resources and activities efficiently and effectively to ... Read More

Cover Feature : Stress Fractures in Runners: Current evidence and clinical consideration By Dr.Bhargav Gaglani

Running is one of the most elementary physical activities a person can entertain. Running makes us healthy and happy. Researchers around the world were able to prove that running not only helps people physically (boosts the cardiorespiratorysystem as well as the immune system) but also has enormous effects on a person’s mental / emotional well-being.Running can be a very effective, convenient and cost free form of exercise for many people, particularly those w... Read More

Physio speaks: In conversation with Oliwia Witek - A Polish physio with Pro Kabaddi League

Pro Kabaddi League has taken our truly indigenous sport of Kabaddi to higher echelon of professionalism. Kabaddi and aggression go hand in hand, making the players susceptible to injuries in any part the body given the physical nature of this sport. Being a game of speed, strength, stamina and agility, the team needs a competent physiotherapist to ensure the health and fitness of the players remain top notch, and of course prevent and fix injuries, so the players co... Read More

Techvantage: Tele Rehab: How digital health is improving access to physical Therapy By Dr.Raj Rindani

The rapid evolution of technology has allowed health professionals to begin to adapt to these changes and deliver healthcare in a new, remote fashion. Physiotherapists and clinics specializing in this field stand to gain a lot by adopting healthcare IT.

Telemedicine or telerehab or telehealth technology for physiotherapy is changing the way patients receives services that at once were only available during in-clinic visits. Telem... Read More

Feature Article: The Perlis of poor posture: How it affects the whole system By Dr.Karena Wu

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability on a global level. Two-thirds of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives and it is a primary cause of missed work. The low back is the foundation of the body and is the starting point for good upright posture. Posture is intertwined with multiple systems, its efficiencies and its pains.

Posture has a major role in overall body health and wellness. Go... Read More

Spotlight: Eating Disorder- The role of physiotherapy By Kate Brown

Physiotherapy within Mental Health services has continued to develop as a specialitywithin the United Kingdom since the early 1980s, taking a holistic approach to patient care, believing that physical health and mental health are interdependent. Physiotherapists are able to use specialist skills related to physical recovery. They have an extensive wealth of skills and knowledge in the physical health field and this, combined with their skills in mental health, means... Read More

Quintessential: Pain Relief without drug-Alternative treatment methods By Dr.Aarti Mishra

Pain is a signal, a symptom and a precursor of an impending disease. As a remedy we take medicine to eliminate the pain. But the source of the disease remains intact and unaffected. Drug for pain relief gives a temporary respite, not a permanent one. The disease is not cured by taking the pain killer drug. However, we add more disease by taking the drug, which is accompanied by serious side effects. So, the painkiller is not safe, not risk free and not a complete so... Read More

Tribute: The last salute: Remembering Dr.Einstein Jerome By Dr.Piyush Jain

Not every day we get up to a news that has the power to shatter us and make us feel vulnerable towards our mortal existence. More so, when this news is about the sudden and unexpected demise of a very prominent and young member of our own fraternity, Dr. Einstein Jerome; the 37 year old Bangalore based physiotherapist who has touched countless lives during his short yet significant life journey on this planet. In memory of a competent professional and a phenomenal p... Read More

Reportage:Role of Physiotherapy awareness in HIV/AIDS By Dr.Manali Yadav, Dr.Jyoti Parle, Dr.Ruturaj Shete

HIV/AIDS is a condition in which the immune system starts to fail progressively causing life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers. India has been working tremendously hard to eradicate HIV/AIDS which poses serious health challenges to a large number of population living in the country. HIV/AIDS has no cure but still people with HIV/AIDS can live a normal and healthy life with physical exercise as it improves CD4 counts in them, ultimately improving the p... Read More

Current Affairs: The Latest Physiotherapy research & Updates across the globe

Salk researchers uncover power switch for muscles- If you've ever wondered how strenuous exercise translates into better endurance, researchers at the Salk Institute may have your answer. In a study published in the journal Cell Reports on March 6, 2018, scientists in Ronald Evans' lab have shown that the protein ERRγ (ERR gamma) helps deliver many of the benefits associated with endurance exercise. "ERRγ helps make end... Read More

Best of Web-1

Inspiring interviews with leading Physiotherapists, discussing real life assessment and treatment, clinical issues and ways to give you an edge in your Physiotherapy clinical practice.

Described as an “online journal club,” PT Inquest includes 79 episodes (and counting), with a new scholarly article revi... Read More

Book Review-2

Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement Expanded Edition Paperback – May 1, 2017

Move Your DNA addresses the vast quantities of disease we are suffering from, identifying our lack of movement as the primary cause. The book explains the science behind our need for natural movement right down to the cellular level. Best of all, Move Your DNA contains the corrective exercises, habit modific... Read More

Event Calendar-3

             1)  1ST Annual conference for physiotherapy professional

               IAPCON- Professional-2018

               Venue: Constitution Club of india, New Delhi

               Date: 24 & 25th March-2018

      &n... Read More

Word Maze#34

Word maze on " SCOLIOSIS"

Search as many words as you can related to SCOLIOSIS from the given word maze. They can be in    any order or any direction. you can e-mail the answer only key of this word maze along with your name, city,designation and a profile picture on our mail id: [email protected] before 10th April, 2018 and the participants with maximum correct responses will be declared... Read More

Result Word Maze# 33

Result of Word Maze# 33

Congrats to the winners

1) Keval Adhyaru (Student at Apollo Institute of Physiotherapy), Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Prize: The book "Techniques in cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy" -  By Subin solomen and Pravin Aaron

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