In conversation with Sahal Abdul Samad The Game Changer

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I’m very excited to present the first Edition of 2023. Before I start discussing about the Fresh Year and fresh Edition, let me take this opportunity to thank each one of You for strengthening PHYSIOTIMES family!!

Last Year we collaborated with many remarkable events that made a mark in the world of Physiotherapy and shall continue to be a part of many more such events.

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This edition covers the FIFA Fever, and so we chosen to chat with SAHAL ABDUL SAMAD, an Indian Professional Footballer to talk about the common Injuries, role of Prehab and Rehab. to keep them rolling. In Physio Speaks section, we are delighted to talk to PRATIK KAMBLE, the Football Physio.

Amongst the knowledgeable articles, you will definitely like Adult Neurogenesis- Building blocks for Neuroplasticity, The Illuminati of the Knee, Rehabilitation based Solutions for Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition, September to Remember and High Intensity Intermittent Exercise.

Words aren’t enough to thank Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar, Director, PHYSIOTIMES for the support. Last but not the least, thanking our eminent Authors for taking out time and sharing your knowledge, PHYSIOTIMES sincerely appreciates it!!

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In conversation with SAHAL ABDUL SAMAD The Game Changer

1. How were you introduced to Football?

Our family is a Sports-connected family. My father was a Volley-ball player, although not professionally and my brother also used to play Volleyball. Football came with my elder brother, and with me. I was very  
much impressed with football and used to watch matches back-to-back. When my brother used to play in the team, I always tried to go to watch the game. That’s how I got introduced to Football and star... Read More

In conversation with PRATIK KAMBLE The Football Physio

1. Tell us what made you choose Physiotherapy? Did you already have an inclination, or someone inspired you to take up Physiotherapy?

I have been interested in medical science since my junior college days as my elder sister works in an ICU, one of her best friends suggested that I take up Physiotherapy. It was when I thought I would be able to fulfill my dream of being close to sports by taking up sports Physiotherapy as my career.

2. Why Sports Ph... Read More

Paediatric Physiotherapy A Promising Career Option by Dr. Chanan Goyal (PT)

This is the era of specialization, be it an established or a budding field; and physiotherapy is no exception! Paediatric physiotherapy is one of the fastest developing branches in the arena of physiotherapy. To optimally tap the neuroplastic potential, early identification and early intervention is being strongly advocated worldwide.

Read More

Rehabilitation Based Solutions For Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition by Dr. Jeslin T Achens (PT)

Following knee injury/ knee surgery or in patients with knee joint osteoarthritis, marked weakness and atrophy of the quadriceps muscle have been clinically observed. One of the possible mechanisms responsible for this is Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition (AMI). In AMI, the quadriceps fails to activate due to neural inhibition.

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The Illuminati of The Knee (The O'Donoghue Triad Or The Unhappy Triad) by Dr. Prakash Pandey (P.T)

Football is the most watched sport in the world, yet it's also the one with the highest rate of serious injuries and life-threatening illnesses. As we know, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is presently taking place, and nations are eager to support their national teams. However, it is painful when a player from any side sustains an injury during play. 

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Adult Neurogenesis Building Blocks for Neuroplasticity by Dr. Srishti Banerjee (PT)

Neurogenesis is the process by which new neurons develop in the brain, especially during the formation of the embryo. Therefore the term “adult neurogenesis” is used to describe the ability of the adult central nervous system i.e brain and spinal cord to generate new neurons in adulthood.

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SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Dr.Kiran A Palande (PT)

SEPTEMBER What a month it has been! The month of September has been designated as Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month. An opportunity to spread knowledge about pulmonary fibrosis (PF) during that month.

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High Intensity Intermittent Exercise by Dr. Prachi Sathe (Ph.D.)

Cardio-respiratory fitness is related to the ability to perform large muscle, dynamic, moderate-to-high intensity exercise for prolonged periods. Performance of such exercises comes with several variations of intensity, duration, mode and type. High intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) is a recent exercise program which is very popular among youth.

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