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This being the first edition of 2022 is fresh as a Daisy. It's up to us now to make the most of it. Adversity will come and go but what stays forever is the learning one gets that helps to shape his perception of life and his career. 
Jan'22 Edition brings to you the journey and experiences of RAVI KUMAR DAHIYA as he makes the country proud by bagging Silver in TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020 along with SHUBHAM GUPTA, Ravi Kumar's Physio in PHYSIO SPEAKS. 
Looking at the constant request from our young readers to read more from Physios as Authors from abroad, we have kept 'Road Map to Australia'. Along with it, you can definitely not miss 'As a Physiotherapy graduate, should I take a year gap', 'Examination of Hip joint', 'Menopause and the workplace- can Ergonomics and human factors reduce the impact', 'Impact of COVID-19 crises on mental health among Physiotherapists', 'Recent techniques in fitness', and '10 fun-filled Breathing Exercises for Kids'. 

Indebted for the valuable time and efforts by all the authors of this edition and grateful for the love of all our readers,

let's hope and pray good health for everyone in this year. 

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Interview with Ravi Dahiya Olympic Silver Medalist

Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya has become the second Indian wrestler, after Sushil Kumar, to win an Olympic silver medal.Dahiya is also a bronze medalist from 2019 World Wrestling Championships and a two-time Asian champion.

Ravi possesses immense strength, stamina and is technically sound. He discusses the role of  Physiotherapy in shaping his career with  PHYSIOTIMES.

Please tell us about how you got motivated to be a Wrestler? How was your Early Childhood trainin... Read More


1. Tell us how you got interested in Physiotherapy?

I was very keen in medical science; I started my Physiotherapy journey randomly. I was in sports and as I explored about Sports Physiotherapy, I wanted to become one and do something for the Indian sports and country. My aim was set to become an on field Physiotherapist as I enjoyed doing that and help the sportspersons.

2. Please tell us about your journey till entering Wrestling?

... Read More

As a Physiotherapy graduate, should I take a gap year? by Tejashree Limaye (PT)

Gap year is the concept that has gained popularity in the past few years. When I graduated, I went straight on to pursue my Masters. Sure enough, some students waited for a year or so to figure things out, which is essentially a gap year. Though it was not conceptualized at the time. In our article today, let’s find out what is a gap year? Should physiotherapy students take a gap year? Pros and cons of a gap year and other related questions.

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Recent techniques in fitness by Dr. Shakti Mishra (PT)

The traditional form of workouts are always in trend but nowadays combination of two and more poses with modifications in the workout sessions have given a new form to the fitness industry. New ways are adapted by people to get the maximum benefit of gaining good health and strength in body. Due to the pandemic, people started experimenting and implementing modified versions of the basic exercises that are followed since ages. Fitness industry has widened up its boundaries in involving new an... Read More

Can Ergonomics & Human Factors Reduce the Impact? by Niamh Pentony

This article outlines how ergonomics and human factors principles can be used to help employees transitioning to the menopause manage their symptoms in the workplace, reducing their risk of discomfort, injury and stress and improving their productivity and wellbeing, also advising employers how they can help facilitate this cohort, helping them retain the talent and experience that these employees offer.

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Impact of covid-19 crisis on mental health amongst physiotherapists globally by Dr. Akshita Goel (PT)

COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2

also known as Coronavirus, has been causing unparalleled disruption and is wreaking havoc on societies and personal life.

The pandemic has been tied to an undercurrent of psychological stress among healthcare workers (HCWs) worldwide. They are in vanguard of the battle against the outbreak. Physiotherapists, like other front-line healthcare workers, deliver vital services to patients, which is exhausting both physically and mentally owin... Read More

Road Map to Australia by Dr. Ambarish Akre (PT)

“What's ahead for me as a Physiotherapy professional? Am I better off in India or should I explore possibilities abroad? Which country would suit my aspirations and goals?” 

Have you thought about it too? These were by far the most challenging questions I had to confront myself a decade and a half ago, even later. It is likely that every graduate and experienced physiotherapist has experienced this dilemma. It has heavily influenced my 16-year career so far as a... Read More

10 fun-filled Breathing Exercises for Kids by Palak Dengla (PT)

The Covid virus can mutate rapidly which means it can attack newer hosts faster than before. While the Covid virus targeted the older population during the first wave, the second wave has been found to affect more of the younger working population. It is expected that the third wave will affect children more as most adults have been infected by the virus and/or immunised to it by some degree.

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