Cover Feature: Piloxing- Blending the best of Pilates, Boxing & Dance

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”-Edward de Bono

It gives me great pleasure to bring to you the 40th consecutive issue of PHYSIOTIMES. It has been our endeavor to cover innovative and novel therapies and modalities of treatment and management of various disorders in our attempt to bring diversity to the practice of physiotherapy in India. The issue covers a special feature on world’s leading fusion fitness program, PILOXING® - a blend of dance, Pilates and boxing. Also presented is an extensive review of lumbar disc injuries and its clinical implications by Kathy Berglund. Popular mobilization techniques in the management of mechanical low back pain are summarized by Zaheen Ahmed Iqbal. While we are all familiar with the use of therapeutic ultrasound, the use of diagnostic ultrasound as an essential tool for physiotherapists is being discussed by therapists from France.

Dr. Veena Nayak shares her experiences of being a physiotherapist for over 25 years. Harshita Yadav has written an interesting account of the vestibular adaptations of the vestibulo ocular reflex. He issue covers two different therapy areas gaining ground due to their innovativeness. One of which is an article by Mukesh Nayak on Snoezelen, which is a multi-sensory environment created for those With developmental disabilities and the other is Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy and its therapeutic benefits by Jaime Savarese, USA. In our attempt to bring captivating contests for our readers, we have announced a story writing competition yet again. So let your creative juices flow. Pen down a fascinating story based on the given picture and send it to us. You are sure to win exciting prizes, including an assured gift for participation. You would also read about UNSPOKEN - a monthly magazine launched as the voice of the people with disabilities. A seminar “Beyond Rehab-Expand your Practice Scope” by Kaizzad Capadia at Ahmedabad in association with AIMS and PHYSIOTIMES is also covered with key highlights. In web advisor we have brought to you a special website which has an enormous collection of interesting e-books and articles for free. I am sure the book lovers would find it useful. Before I sign off, I would like to remind all the readers to download the PHYSIOTIMES Mobile Application and you can read all the issues on your smart phone while on the go.


Created by celebrity trainer and renowned fitness expert Viveca Jensen, PILOXING® cardio fusion is the world’s leading fusion fitness program. The unique high-energy method blends principals of boxing, dance, and Pilates to deliver a full-body workout that torches calories, sculpts lean muscles, and increases flexibility. Designed to empower individuals, build confidence, sculpt bodies, and release endorphins, the PILOXING® fitness program allows you to have fun while learning a... Read More

CLINICAL COMMENTRY: A review of Lumbar disc injuries-clinical implications - KATHY BERGLUND AND ERL PETTMAN

Disc injuries are prevalent in the lumbar spine.  The “typical” postereolateral disc protrusion usually starts with a mechanism of flexion combined with rotation usually involving a load such as shoveling or lifting a heavy object.  The patient describes a history of this mechanism and a report of something “giving” or even “popping” in their back at the time of injury.  He/she report feeling like something happened in their back but state th... Read More

SNAPSHOT: Mechanical Low Back Pain-popular mobilization Techniques - ZAHEEN AHMED IQBAL

Mechanical low back pain (LBP) is an activity related pain where in most cases etiology is unknown. It varies with physical activity and time, (1) usually located in the lumbosacral region, buttocks and thighs with no radiation to foot or toes. With this article, we shall try to understand its signs, associated risk factors and review literature on mobilization techniques as treatment option.

LBP is a big problem, due to lumbar column anatomy position and its posture during gait and... Read More

CLINICAL PERSPECTIVE: Diagnostic Ultra sound-An essential tool for the physiotherapists - MARIUS LEBERT, ANTHONY DEMONT, AYMERIC LE NEINDRE

The use of diagnostic ultrasound in physiotherapy was initiated in the 1980s following the work of Dr. Archie Young and his team at the University of Oxford in the UK (1). The first application was in patients with knee pain. Indeed, Young’s team highlighted a decrease in quadriceps strength (using dynamometry) despite normal cross-sectional area on ultrasound among those patients (see figure 1). The correlation between the quadriceps cross-sectional area with ultrasound scanning and it... Read More

STRAIGHT FROM THE GUT: 25 Years of my life in healthcare as a Physiotherapist - DR. VEENA NAYAK

I still vividly remember the day I finished my second year pre-degree exams in 1983 from Malabar Christian College in Calicut, a town in Malabar, Kerala. Like any ambitious teenager, who either wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, the two main professions with a high social status those days, I wanted to be a doctor. Despite rigorous preparation for the various entrance examinations, a seat eluded me. My paternal aunt, who was then working as a Registrar for the NHS in the United Kingdom sai... Read More

REVIEW ARTICLE: Vestibular adaptations of vestibulo-ocular reflex - DR. HARSHITA YADAV

We all in our day to day life see a number of objects in both situations, either in static or dynamic posture and those objects do not get blur i.e. they remain clear to our vision. This is possible by a reflex activity connecting the vestibular system to the visual system through some sensory and motor pathways.

Vestibular- Ocular Reflex (VOR)-It is the reflex activity produced by movement of the eyes in the opposite direction in order of response to the movement of head in a parti... Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Snoezelen-A different World - MUKESH NAYAK

We all love to escape at times from our mundane life to a place that helps us relax and rejuvenate. But what if a simulated environment does the same thing as a therapy for those with sensory, cognitive and developmental disabilities?

Imagine being in a room illuminated only by a light up ball pit, with decorated lights dancing across the wall and ceiling, fiber-optic ropes draped over a swinging chair and psychedelic patterns projected on the walls, the reverberations of the sea wa... Read More

FEATURE ARTICLE: Salt Therapy-Relax, Recharge and breathe Easy - JAIME SAVARESE

Salt therapy was discovered in the mid 18th century by Polish health official named Felix Botchkowski. Salt therapy was originally discovered as Speleotherapy or cave therapy, 'Spelenos' being the Greek term for 'cave'. Felix Botchkowski found that salt miners in Poland had not experienced lung-related ailments such as asthma, pneumonia, or chronic bronchitis. Even miners who had respiratory disease before they began working in the mines felt better and had fewer symptoms as t... Read More

CONTEST: Story Writing Competition

It gives us great pleasure to bring to you a ‘STORY WRITING COMPETITION’ based on the picture given. The purpose of this contest is to provide an opportunity to explore your creative bent of mind and generate ideas which are innovative and appealing & you can win exciting prizes too.

Read More

REPORTAGE: Beyond Rehab-Expand your Practice scope - KAIZZAD CAPADIA

PHYSIOTIMES in association with Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Organized a free seminar on the topic “ Beyond Rehab” Expand your Practice Scope on 31st Jan 2016 at Ahmedabad. The Resource person was Mr.KaizzadCapadia, Co-Founder & Director of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. Known as the Iron Man of India, and in every sense the Nations strength Coach, Mr.Capadia is arguably the countries first ever professional personal trainer.

Mr.Capadi... Read More

NOTEWORTHY: Unspoken-A Voice of people with disabilities - DR. TARIQUE SALIM

It was one fine morning of (March ,2008) when Mr. Mohammad Irfan, an ex-army man who got an early retirement from the Indian Army after sustaining severe injuries in his cervical spine region, first came to me visit me at my physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. The accident that occurred in Kashmir in May 1993 left him 100% disabled. In terms used by us in medical profession Mr. Irfan became quadriplegic as a result of the accident and was in vegetative state when he came to visit me firs... Read More




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