Cover Story: Knee Extensor Compartment Dysfunction

The groundwork of all happiness is good health.- Leigh Hunt

This being the first issue of this new year 2014, let me begin by wishing you all a Very Happy New year. PHYSIOTIMES dedicates a special poem on this occasion to all the readers and physiotherapists. As you read through this issue, you would notice that instead of being focused on a single theme unlike our previous issues, we have included a range of topics from different specialties to cater to diverse areas within the arena of physiotherapy. We are sure you would find this to be a change for better.

In our quest to serve you relentlessly and reciprocate your continued support to us, this issue announces a special offer for all our regular readers. You can now get PHYSIOTIMES lifetime membership with a host of other benefits and stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information in physiotherapy for a long time to come and that too at a very nominal rate for physios and further discounted rate for UG students. The details are provided on the back inside cover. Keeping in tune with the latest technology, another service milestone this year after a dedicated Fan page on Facebook has been the launch of WHATSAPP Service for our readers. You can now ask any query you have regarding PHYSIOTIMES on our whatsapp number 8141585752 and get the reply. Isn’t it convenient than mailing, calling or sending an SMS? It has always been our endeavor to innovate and add value in the way we do things. This new issue is astep in that direction. We are sure you would enjoy the diversity.

MENTOR SPEAKS: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - DR. M. G. MOKASHI

Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy also known as orthopaedic PT happens to be the earliest form of PT if we take into account that physiotherapy was initiated by specialised nurses during and after the World War I. Any PT department is busy with treating those conditions almost over half of its strength.  Muscle strengthening and endurance as well as joint range of motion have been the fortresses all along coupled with function training. Now the changes in technology have brought in wider ap... Read More

COVER STORY: Knee Extensor Compartment Dysfunction - SADIYA VANJARA

Since the dawn of the atomic era, human locomotion has taken the precedent of being most precious. It gives us the gift of being independent. If our locomotion is affected, our existence is affected. Injury to the body is seldom limited to the body alone. Bodily injury also causes injury to the mind, which is our supreme ruler. Anxiety due to temporary and (sometimes permanent) loss of function often results in altered levels of confidence and social embarrassment. Especially, when it involve... Read More

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation - MOHAMED KASSIM

Regardless of treatment philosophy, it is difficult to dispute the importance of soft tissue work to help treat pathology, correct muscle imbalance, decrease recovery time, and restore proper muscle recruitment and firing patterns.

While there are many available options for soft tissue work, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or Simply IASTM is a new range of tool for Physiotherapist & Manual therapist alike in the management of soft tissue dysfunctions. Though it seem... Read More

HEALING HANDS: Manual Therapy and Taping Techniques forIliotibial Band Syndrome - PROF.UMASANKAR MOHANTY

Shailja (name changed) a 18 year-old female athlete complained of intermittent pain of 3 months duration, located on the lateral aspect of the right knee. There was no reported history of trauma to the lower limb. She complained of episodes of burning pain, lasting 10 to 15 minutes several times a week. In the lateral aspect of the knee invariably "creaks" were felt. Walking upstairs and running were mentioned as major precipitating and aggravating factors. On examination, tendernes... Read More

AQUA CORNER: Ai Chi- A Flowing Movement in Water - C. G. PRASANTH

A Fresh start with each New Year; Wishing all the readers of PHYSIOTIMES to have a wonderful, fulfilling and enriching New Year from Aqua Corner. Each New Year we think of making so many necessary changes to our life that will make it better. It is that time of our life where we introspect and put ourselves some objectives to complete, to achieve or to reach some goals. Essentially we introspect what we are and what we can become; A very important element to our growth, spending time to look ... Read More

ACCUPUNCTURE SERIES: Mechanism Of Pain Relief Through Dry Needling - DIANA PINTO

Pain, one of man's most worrisome afflictions, is also one of neurobiology's mostchallenging problems. Mount castle (1974) mentioned that, "Pain is that sensoryexperience evoked by stimuli that injure or threaten to destroy tissue, definedintrospectively by every man as that which hurts."Electrical stimulation of man's peripheral nerves has revealed the involvement of two afferent fiber groups subserving pain. Activity in fine myelinated fibers of the A delta pain group ... Read More

PHYSIO YOGA: Yoga Postures- A Physiotherapist's Perspective - DR. NILIMA PATEL

Movement begins and ends in a posture.  Posture follows a movement like a shadow. The channelization of the potential energy can only be possible with an erect posture. Yoga calls it as an ASANA- THE YOGIC POSTURE All Asana emphasize on erect spine concept, whether in sitting or standing. Each Yogic posture has physical, mental, health and spiritual benefits. The standing poses signify all aspects of Erect Spine concepts. Strength of Yoga lies in these poses. They stretch, strengthens, t... Read More


One of the simplest equipment introduced by joseph  h. pilates, is the magic ring or  Pilates ring.This is a very simple equipment in form of a ring of approximately  14 inches, around  4.8 ounces in weight (1 ounce = 28.35 gm). this is usually a spring steel of fibre glass ring, covered by black rubber, and foam padding for the legs and hands to placed.

A major change from the original version is in the handles. the handle change has evolved into a variety of op... Read More

"INSIDE IMAGING: Lateral Elbow Pain-Clinical And Radiological Diagnosis - DR. HARISH S KRISHNA & DR.DHANANJAYA KVN"

The elbow is a fairly stable joint. Overuse injuries are more common in the elbow than direct impact and large force injuries. Tendinopathies, nerve injuries and ligament injuries are encountered frequently at the elbow. A musculoskeletal pain survey conducted in an Indian, Malay and Chinese population reported 13% of Indian men and 35% of women with overuse injuries in the elbow.

Lateral elbow pain accounts to 1-3 % of the total elbow pain and is most frequently seen in the forty&r... Read More

RESEARCH SERIES: Decision Making In Choosing A Research Design - DEVDEEP AHUJA

There is a body of literature about research designs which focus on the methods to be used, nuances, traditions, authority, experts, paradigms, or school thought related to each method. This all makes it sound so complex?  As a new researcher, the question in our mind is- What design should I choose for successful completion of my dissertation? The short and clear answer to this question is – the research design should follow from and be able to answer the research question. Throug... Read More

BOOK REVIEW: Heal your knees: How to Prevent Knee Surgery and what to do if you need it - Robert Klapper & Lynda Huey

Don’t let knee pain ruin your life. Learn how your knee functions, what happens when it doesn’t, and how to do self-diagnostic tests. Follow the pool and land workouts that guide you through each step so you can banish knee pain.

Read More



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