A special issue on Physiotherapy in Women Health

At the outset, I wish you all a very Happy New year. May the almighty showers his choicest blessings upon all of us in the year 2010, and help us realize our dreams and give us enough strength and wisdom to heal the ailing humanity with our unique skills as a physiotherapist.I am very happy to introduce this special issue on the role played by physiotherapy in the field of women's health and wellness across her life span. The good news is that, the scope of practice has now increased to include all health concerns of women: incontinence, pelvic / vaginal pain, prenatal and postpartum musculoskeletal pain, osteoporosis, rehabilitation following breast surgery, lymphedema, education prevention, wellness and exercise. All females across the life span, from the young athlete, the childbearing woman, the menopausal and elderly woman receive benefit from physiotherapy. This issue would serve as a ready reckoner for physical therapists interested in the healthcare of women, treating females of all ages and health challenges. The cover story by Dr. Bhavna Mhatre and review article by Dr. Bharati Bellare gives an overview on a broad spectrum of issues encompassing Women's health that can be treated by physiotherapy and the career options available in this field. The issue also features articles and guest columns concerning problems faced by women such as Pelvic floor dysfunction, Urinary incontinence, Obesity, etc.

Another very important area where physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in women's health is during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are aware of their bodies going through various changes that can be painful. The issue features an article from one of our reader on organizing antenatal exercises, whereas the section on Ergonomics discusses the correct body postures at various stages of pregnancy and post-partum care. Since Sexual health is an integral component of overall wellness, Physiotherapists in various settings have an important role to play in promoting sexual health and treating dysfunction. The issue features an interview with the internationally renowned sexual counselor and urogynaecological physiotherapist Talli. Y. Rosenbaum, from Israel.  I am sure this would open doors for many interested therapists to pursue this field as a career option. The health benefits of Yoga are so well known to all of us. The Physio Yoga Section by Dr. Nilima Patel, beautifully describes how Yoga can influence the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in women and how the principles of physiotherapy and modified yogic postures can benefit women at various stages of her life. Working in the USA has always remained a fascination for several indian physios. The student corner describes the formalities and what it takes yo get a job in USA for a physiotherapist. Apart from this, the issue also features sections like healing hands (manual therapy), inside imaging (Radiology) along with the other regular sections.


COVER STORY: Women's Health: The Role Of Physiotherapy - DR.BHAVNA MHATRE

A focus on health issues relevant to females has been increasing over last two decades.The multiple roles that women play, tend to give low priority to her personal time. Women always place the need of others before themselves and priority to their health, exercise or any form of relaxation is never given preference. The New York declaration “Women and Children First” presented at United Nations in July 2008 by the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine has highlighted biases... Read More


Amazing 21st Century has given the mankind many epoch-making discoveries, like reaching the moon, inventing the artificial intelligence that is computer and creating life in the laboratories.

Keeping pace with these phenomenal advances of the science, medical science also progressed to make the man live longer by offering new medicines, newer management modalities along with organ transplant technology and stem cell replacement therapy.

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REVIEW ARTICLE: Women Health- New Horizon In Physiotherapy - PROF.BHARATI BELLARE

Physiotherapy profession is progressing very fast globally with establishment of Specialty practice. In our county many colleges are offering general masters programs with Elective subjects, where as specialty programs are offered at very few universities, mostly in three specialties viz. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy which also focuses on Manual therapy, Neuro-physiotherapy which includes Pediatric Neuro-rehab & Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy which is also focused on Intensive care.

... Read More

PHYSIO SPEAKS: Sexual Health In Women- Role Of Physiotherapy - TALLI. Y. ROSENBAUM

Introduction:  Sexual health and wellness generally falls under the domain of psychologists, sex therapists and physicians such as urologists, gynecologists and psychiatrists, and even family physicians to some extent. How is physiotherapy linked to sexual health and what role does a physiotherapist play in improvement of sexual function of women? Physiotimes find answers to these and many such questions puzzling the young therapists through an exclusive intervie... Read More

PHYSIO YOGA: Yoga And Women's Health - DR.NILIMA PATEL

The art of Yoga is as old as Vedas. When we read the conditions that prevailed in those times, we get an impression that women were pre eminent in many fields. The Goddess Parvati first gained knowledge of Yoga by importunating Lord Shiva to teach her.

In Vedic era, women have been held with high esteem. They enjoyed equal rights and opportunities. Manusmriti describes them as Goddess. In Samkhya-Yoga woman has been compared to Prakriti (Nature). Like Nature, she has to remain ever ... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Physical Therapy For Obese Women - DR.AMITA MEHTA

What is obesity?- Obesity means overfatness. In a woman, if the  percent body fat is above 30% and in man above 20% person is considered overfat or obese.  In obese person, the increase in body weight is due to increase in size of fat cell.

Why fat loss and weight loss is advocated?- It is important to explain obese woman. What is different in her body? Why there is increase in her body weight and why it needs to be attended to. The increase in body weight is due to increa... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Physiotherapy In Urinary Incontinence - DR.BHAVNA GADHAVI

Roma is a manager in a firm and a mother of two wonderful kids. She loves her job and is good at her work. But over the past few months she is having a difficult time. She is not able to concentrate on work and is not able to share good time with her kids. In the middle of a meeting she runs out only to return with a dejected look. Her sleep is disturbed and she is depressed. How can she perform her duties when she has no control over what is happening to her? Roma knows what her problem is. ... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & Physiotherapy - DR.SNEHAL SHAH, DR.HEENA SHAH

The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscle fibers of the levator ani, the coccygeus, and associated connective tissue which span the area underneath the pelvis. The pelvic floor separates the pelvic cavity above from the perineal region below. The pelvic cavity of the true pelvis has the pelvic floor as its inferior border. The perineum has the pelvic floor as its superior border. Inferiorly, the pelvic floor extends into the anal triangle.

Function of Pelvic Floor M... Read More

HUMAN FACTOR: Motherhood And Ergonomics - DR. K.M.ANNAMALAI

Although the concept of reproduction is universal, the process of motherhood is not. Even in homogenous societies consisting of human beings, a cultural discrepancy in child-bearing and child-rearing tactics is evident. As humans continue to reproduce and society continues to evolve, the nature of motherhood will experience changes, as well. New technology and discoveries directly affect every aspect of human life including labor and delivery. Only Mothers have the unique privilege of nurturi... Read More

INSIDE IMAGING: Different Modalities Used In Radiology - DR.CHHAYA.J.BHATT

Different modalities used in radiology are classified those which are based on usage of X-rays and hence pose a radiation risk & those which do not use x-rays and are hence harmless

X RAY BASED MODALITIES   includes  Radiographs, CT scan,  Mamography,  Isotope scanning, PET scanning whereas  Non - Xray based Modalities includes USG & MRI

Radiography Principles

1) Always take two perpendicular view of interested area. 2) Patie... Read More

HEALING HANDS: Manual Therapy For Cervicogenic Headache - PROF.UMASANKAR MOHANTY

Headaches are often caused by disorders of the neck or physical and emotional tension. skilled manipulative  physiotherapists can successfully treat headaches originating from the neck or soft tissues and facilitate to prevent the pain arising from cervicogenic headache.

Very often in my practice I come across female patients who come with debilitating unilateral headache, quite often diagnosed to be migraine. They often inform that they don’t find much improvement with t... Read More

STUDENT CORNER: U.S.A, A Gateway For Indian Physiotherapists - DR.NITESH BANSAL

It’s been over a decade now, since Indian Physiotherapists started moving to western countries especially to USA to peruse their career as Physiotherapists/Physical Therapist. The well organized, high standard along with good remuneration for the services provides optimal grounds to work as PT in United States of America. The median annual earnings of Physiotherapists in USA were $66,200 during the financial year 2006-2007.

Employment of PT’s in USA has grown much faster... Read More

PHYSIO CME: Lumbar Stenosis, Pilates & Neurodynamics - DR.BHARAT DAVE AND TEAM

LCS- An Introduction by Dr. Bharat Dave: LCS is most common spinal disorder of elderly and it gives significant disability. There are mainly two types of the stenosis; acquired & congenital. Symptoms are due to mechanical compression of nerve roots, vascular compromise & venous stasis around nerve roots. The natural history at 3-years follow up; 50% cases show excellent or good results with aggressive non-operative treatment. Operative treatment increases the quality ... Read More

READER'S DESK: Organising Antenatal Exercises - DR.NEHA SINGHAL

Women are blessed by god with the ultimate power to give birth to new life, adding new joy and colour to the world. For a woman, motherhood is the most precious and beautiful thing that can happen. When a lady conceives, she is fulfilled and completed. The way a mother cares extremely for her child, she should also take extreme care of herself. Otherwise, neglecting ones health can cause grave consequences. The science of physiotherapy helps a mother take care of her baby as well as of hersel... Read More

BOOK REVIEW: A Concise Text Book for the management of the overweight & Obese - Satyajit Mohanty & Manual therapy of the pelvic complex-A Compendium of Illustrated manual therapy techniques - Umasankar Mohanty

Obesity has been termed as a civilization syndrome mainly in the developed world. not much work is done on obesity in Indian context There are no standard reference text books currently available in the market on weight management.

This book by Satyajit Mohanty will not only will enlighten the students about the disease but also help them to treat their patients with great authority.

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