THE ABHINAV BINDRA FOUNDATION A step to transform the Sports Ecosystem!


Introduction : The Abhinav Bindra Foundation, a non-profit initiative by India’s First Individual Gold Medalist, Abhinav Bindra aims at making the Global Best Practice accessible to the Indian Physiotherapy and Sports Science Industry. By imbibing technology in the Industry, the organization sees an Indian (and Global) Sports and Healthcare Ecosystem that looks to strive towards an Accountable, Accommodating and Aspirational culture!

Athletes need the most precise care when recovering from injury, and need to ensure that targeted treatment is done of the root cause of the issue, and not just to temporarily alleviate pain.

An Overview:

The concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Analytics and Medicine) can have a profound effect on the performance of an athlete. It is a matter of the minute details that separate injury from high performance, a silver from a gold and good from excellent! This is what we refer to as 1% Edge in Sport.

Through the Foundation's efforts, Technology is made accessible to the Indian Grassroot Athlete and Para Athletes, so that they may receive World Class Training at a young age and be able to take the leap and pursue Olympic Glory!

The Primary benefit of this technology is the ability to allow assessment and training with Quantitative Data, something that makes training more objective and Accountable. Using Digital Mirroring Technology and Load Sensor Technology, Physical Parameters like Stability, Mobility, Power etc. can be given accurate benchmarks from which goals can be set by an athlete and customized Training Solutions can be provided to an Athlete by our Expert Physiotherapists and Sport Scientists. Getting Real-Time Visual Feedback While training on the Devices allows an athlete to correct his/her Bio-Mechanics or unhealthy movement and strengthen the Quality of Movement faster and with more Accountability.

With these Activities, the foundation is able to reach out to athletes and the associated Ecosystem providing them with Global Best Practice.


ABSMARI is an initiative to help bridge the gap between the Indian Sport & Healthcare industry and Global Best Practice by Providing Indian Physiotherapists and Sport Scientists affordable and comprehensive education.

The Vision of ABSMARI is to establish a state-of-the-art Sports Science Institute, offering Excellence. Through the efforts ABSMARI looks to inspire the youth of Odisha and the country to become experts in Sports Science and contribute to the Indian Sporting Landscape, be it as Academicians, Industrialist or Specialized Professionals.

The Abhinav Bindra Sports Medicine and Research Institute (ABSMARI) is an initiative to help bridge the gap between the Indian Sport & Healthcare industry and Global Best Practice by providing Indian physiotherapists and sport scientists affordable and comprehensive education. The newly opened Institution is guided by Mr. Abhinav Bindra’s Vision to help create Indian Experts in the field of Sports Sciences, that the Eco-System can rely on Home-Grown Talent backed by concepts approved the world over!

The foundation has coordinated with Experts from all parts of the world to develop a practical format of education based on the Insights that has been already gained as the First Sport Science driven organization

in the country. With World Class Technology and dedicated labs for various fields, the methods encourage Visual Learning in Real-Time, providing knowledge not just of how concepts are put into action, but also providing key information relevant to the Indian Body Type, a crucial part in understanding how to help Indian Athletes manage injuries better, and enhance performance.

Affiliated with the Utkal University (Bhubaneswar, India), the sessions for BPT and MPT have started.

Success of an educational Institute to a large extent depends on the quality of the faculty. At ABSMARI, they have a great mix of both International and Domestic Faculty to generate enthusiasm amongst the students towards Sports Science & Physiotherapy.


A Platform for Excellence bringing global best practice to Indian Healthcare and Sports Medicine.


Creating a sustainable and accessible form of Technology-based Education, bridging the gap between Academic and scientific Clinical Application.

ABSMARI Summary:

Location: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Student Capacity: 120 Students (Expanding every year)


• Bachelors of Physiotherapy (BPT): 4.5 Years

• Masters of Physiotherapy (MPT): 2 Years

International Guest Faculty:

1) Dr. Cathy Arnot

Clinical Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

2) Prof. Wayne E Derman

Director and Chair, Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stellenbosch University

3) Prof. Lars Engebretsen

Professor, Orthopaedic Clinic, University of Oslo

4) Prof. Karim Khan 

Professor, University of British Columbia- Vancouver

5) Prof Margo Mountjoy

Designation: Professor, McMaster University

6) Prof Evert Verhagen

Professor, Department of Public and Occupational Health & Amsterdam Movement Sciences

STEAM Scholarship Programme:

The STEAM Scholarship Programme leverages the technology at our centres to help Indian Athletes get the best possible support in terms of High-performance Training. Directed at Grassroots Athletes (mostly between 12 and 25), the Foundation provides them with a One-Year Scholarship Programme, which includes complete access to the technology at our  Centres, and a Sport Specific, Customized High-Performance Physical Training Programme With this customized Programme, they can provide the grounds for Long Term Athlete Development with Global Best Practice.

Athlete Mental Wellness Programme:

With an ambitious goal to help incorporate Athlete Mental Wellness across the national sporting ecosystem, a series of Programmes have been initiated by the Foundation to engage Athletes, Coaches and Administration. With interactions, workshops and exploratory activities, the objectives are to:

● Encourage Athletes to focus on their Mental Health and become more holistic in their development

● Create empathetic and innovative Coaches that understand the importance of Athlete Mental Wellness in Facilitating Peak Performance

● Empower the Administration to create a safe and conducive atmosphere to pursue excellence


Education: Through Workshops for Coaches, Stakeholders of Sport and the Athletes themselves, we are providing free dissemination of information, which even includes  partial Assessments and Detailed Consultations with Our expert team of Physiotherapists and Sports Scientists

Technological Incorporation:

With more individuals seeing the first-hand benefits of Sports Science, active involvement of both Athletes and Coaching Teams have ensured that some of the most promising athletes like Virdhawal Khade and Rahul Bharadwaj have fully incorporated the interventions in their regular training. The Foundation hopes to have the new crop of grassroots Athletes training with us to develop at a much faster pace and be likely contenders for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics!

Ecosystem Synergy:

As the word of the foundation activities spread, more sporting federations and Academics have inquired of the services of the Foundation, allowing a move towards the Indian Ecosystem accepting and adopting a more efficient and data-driven form of Training for the future Athletes!


By introducing Technology, AMS and protocols in place the Sporting Landscape will have an Objective and Accountable source of Assessing Physical Training and Performance. This will hold advantages in the Talent Identification Programmes when selecting new Para-athletes for their Training.

Best Practice SOPs:

With the Expert Staff working with the Technology on a regular basis, the Foundation will be able to create Standard Operating Procedures for High Performance Physical Training, Injury Management, and Recovery across various Sports, including Periodisation Plans. These will help Athletes and Coaches alike to come together and learn more about how to best manage an Athlete’s Performance, as well as prevent countless injuries.




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