In conversation with star athlete Poorva Sawant

PHYSIOTIMES is happy to talk to the young budding talents and Poorva Sawant of Maharashtra tops the list. She has made her state proud during the Under 17 Girls Athletics Triple Jump Final at Khelo India Youth Games 2019 at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Balewadi on January 13, 2019, in Pune, India.

• How did you start your journey as an athlete?

I was selected in my school's (Udayachal School) athletics team by my Physical Education teacher when I was 7years old. I started playing for my school and represented Mumbai suburb for under 8 age group. Initially unaware of my capabilities my parents were not ready to go with my sports selection but it was changed in some days looking at my performance.

• How was your participation at school level

In school I was known as golden girl as I always used to come first in my age group. I had represented Mumbai suburb at district level since I was 7 years of age, now I represent Maharashtra for National events.

In the year 2019-20 I secured Gold medal in SGFI nationals held in Punjab (under17 girls,12.09 meters Triple jump) and Khelo India Youth Games (under 17 girls, triple jump)

Also won silver medal in AFI nationals held at Vijayawada in Triple jump event.

Till date I have won 120 plus medals in various athletic events and out of which 10 are national level medals.

• Tell us about your injury?

When I was practicing for my triathlon (100mtrs run+long jump+shotput) event I got sprain in my ankle (year 2013-14), and the I have approached Dr. Ketaki Shingare More for physiotherapy. As per her suggestions we started doing ankle strengthening that gave me positive results and confidence to perform better.

In that year I secured silver medal in AFI Nationals for Maharashtra, but during the National event while doing long jump, I got a hamstring pull and could barely walk.

Once I came back from the national event, I again approached Dr. Ketaki Shingare More and she started the treatment.

• When was the first time did you hear about Physiotherapy?

As I am being in the sports from long, I got to know about physiotherapy from my coach and fellow athletes. When I actually got the injury, I started searching for a physiotherapist.

• How did you get benefitted from Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy not only helps me to overcome the pain but also helps me to boost my confidence to perform better. It helps to increase the muscle flexibility as well as strength which is required for any athlete.

• Tell us about your Rehabilitation.

When I had hamstring injury, I had to visit Dr. Ketaki every day. During the treatment she gave me various strengthing exercises also ultra sound to minimize the pain. I was not allowed to do any training due to the injury so, it was always in my mind that I may lose the coming competition. But I got the motivation and support from Dr. Ketaki and relief as well. Dr. Ketaki had also suggested to continue to apply ice at home.

• What role do you think Physio Ketaki has played in your success?

I have been competing in various events like hurdles, high jump, sprints, triple jump and throws as well, and with a capability of doing these events regularly, I encountered many injuries like muscle pulls, tissue swelling and ankle injuries.

However, Dr. Ketaki and her team has always been there to help me out to overcome the injuries.

Dr. Ketaki has always treated me kindly and motivated me to overcome my injuries like a sister, and we are really very thankful to her about that. She is amazing and she is the only person I think I can trust when it comes to any injuries.

• Do you feel Physiotherapists should be an integral part of every athlete’s team?

I do feel that physiotherapy is a required and a very good way for an athlete to come over his injuries and continue to give his or her best. Also, physiotherapy helps athletes to know their body well and treat it to give better performance. Every athlete’s team should have physiotherapist.

• How does it feel to be successful at such an early age?

Actually, speaking I don’t think about this as of now because there any many things which needs to be achieved. Being better than yesterday has always been my goal. Improving my performance is the only reason why I have achieved what I have achieved.

• Tell us about your future plans as an athlete.

I am a national level medallist and I represent Maharashtra and now I wish to bring a medal for my nation and I am planning and putting in my efforts accordingly.





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