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Planning without action is futile. Action without planning is fatal.

Year 2018 has begun and we are close to the end of the financial year 207-18. End of a fiscal year is the time to reflect upon the performance of the past year and also chalk out the road map for the next. As a private practitioner, setting up goals backed by a well defined plan and multipronged approach to execute it, would help you organize resources and activities efficiently and effectively to achieve your dreams. Those who are in employment can reflect upon ways and means to pivot their career. At PHYSIOTIMES, we have plans to tie up with more global experts this year and bring the best of information that can help you, the readers.

This issue of PHYSIOTIMES is packed with fascinating topics starting with stress fractures in runners. Stress fracture symptoms can go relatively unnoticed in a person and may become known only after a bone has broken completely or another injury has occurred. The article deals with pathology, assessment and management of stress fractures in runner.

Pro Kabaddi league as you know has revolutionized the sport of Kabaddi in India. We bring to you the interview of Oliwia Witek, the chief physiotherapist of Gujarat Fortune Giants who hails from Poland. She talks about her love for the sport and India as a country along with her role as a physio in keeping the players fit and injury free.

In the techvantage section, we talk about the scope of tele-rehab in physiotherapy and how it is poised to change the healthcare delivery in the coming times with the help of technology. As a physio, you encounter several cases of severe low back and other musculoskeletal pain originating from a poor posture. This issue examines the perils of a poor posture and how it can affect the whole system. The article also suggests exercises to help your patients improve their posture.

While eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa or Anorexia may fall under the domain of mental health, Physiotherapy has a unique role to play in their treatment as a part of the multidisciplinary team by using physical interventions and education to help patients overcome their symptoms and to accept their changing body shape as they gain weight.

Another article deals with strategies and alternative program for pain relief without drugs. In this issue, we also pay tribute to late Dr. Einstein Jerome, who would be remembered for his significant contribution to the profession. A report is presented on an awareness camp conducted by the students and staff of MGM Institute of physiotherapy for the patients of HIV AIDS and how physical activity and exercises have a role to play in their overall well being. If you have done something similar to boost the awareness of physiotherapy in general public, share your story with us through email and we shall share it with all in the forthcoming issues.

Other regular sections include the current affairs that feature the latest news and research in physiotherapy, a book review on Move your DNA - an interesting book on the power of natural movement. Event calendar lists various upcoming national conferences. In the Best of web section, we bring to you some of the top physiotherapy podcasts which you can listen to while on the go & stay updated. Don’t forget to participate in the Word Maze on Scoliosis and win yourself a book as a prize.  

To sum up, I would say that let this beginning of a new Fiscal year bring in new hope and opportunity for you through effective planning and impeccable execution. Remember, a good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. So ward off procrastination and swing into action. Success will be yours.

Health and Happiness,

Mukesh Nayak, Director, PHYSIOTIMES

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